Friday, March 12, 2021

Jello plans.....

 7:57 am - Friday - March 12th - Seal Rock, OR - 32° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north......crystal, clear, blue, cold skies today with a forecast high of 53°'s good to be home!  On this date in 2012 we were in Palacios, TX (home of the shrimp fleet) right on the Gulf......↴

Our Jello plan was to leave Myrtle Creek, OR around 10 am, and on our way out of Tri Cities RV Park we would stop at their propane station and top off our 60 gallon tank, but, alas, that is why we call it a Jello plan.  I had talked with the manager the day prior to make arrangements to take on propane, and she advised it opened at 10 am, hence the decision to leave at 10 am.  When we arrived at the station the manager quickly came out to advise us the propane pump was malfunctioning, and she could not pump propane.....oh well.  We decided we would just find a propane station along our route home and take care of it then.  Since we will be stationary for about 6 months we want to be sure the tank is full so we don't have to leave our site in the middle of the summer to refill the tank.

We were quickly heading down the access road to I-5 once again, and within a few minutes were northbound and beginning our last day of travel for 6 months...... could not have asked for a more beautiful driving day, could one?  As the miles melted away we began to think about what needed to be done once we arrived back at SRRVC*...... get settled into our new site.....A-2.  We would first stop in Newport at the Fred Meyers Fuel Station to top off our propane tank ($2.40/gallon), and then cover the final 10 miles to SRRVC*.  After a completely pleasant, and uneventful drive we arrived a the fuel station around 1:45 pm, and the propane attendant was there ready to pump before I exited the Newell.  I remember telling him we would probably take on at least 30 gallons of propane since the analog gauge on the dashboard indicated the tank was only about 1/2 full.  I then went back inside to stay warm while he filled the tank....I had no sooner gotten inside when TLE said "...the guy has stopped pumping..."...I then asked "how much did he get in?" to which TLE replied "four gallons"....wait, what?  Well, Mr. Jello intervened again......we both had forgotten we had taken on 30 gallons of propane in Sparks, NV back on February 12th, and that we had not really run the generator since the day before we arrived in Sparks, or had hardly used any propane since then, and it should not really be showing only half a tank.  Sure enough, the analog gauge on the tank itself showed we were full.....doh!  I dutifully paid the $9.60 for the four gallons, and sheepishly walked back to the Newell to begin the last 10 miles of our journey.

Soon we the Yaquina Bay Bridge come into view........we were just a few miles from home.....

.....we arrived at SRRVC* around 2:10 pm and parked the coach in front of the office so we could go up and move the VW out of our new site.  I had parked it right in front of the trailer, and plugged in a trickle charger to the car battery to be sure it was all charged up when we came back from our one month trip.  Once the car was moved I went back down the hill to bring the coach up to the site.  With TLE's assistance via our walkie talkies we had the Newell in the site, and by 3 pm our utilities were connected once again......

.....on Friday I'll get the tractor and bring some gravel down to finish the new 'lido deck' patio area project I began just before we left on February 10th.

The sun now sets here at 6:17 pm....almost an hour later than when we left, and the sun is slowly getting higher in the sky once again.  We were treated to a beautiful Coastal Oregon sunset........ is good to be home!  We loved our time away, but we both agreed that we are glad we are not going to be driving another day.  Time to sit still and smell the wonderful ocean air once again.

Thanks for stopping by!

*SRRVC = Seal Rocks RV Cove

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