Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Five day marathon.......

7:56 am - Tuesday - March 23rd - Seal Rock, OR - 34° F, 93% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north.....crystal, clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 51° F.  On this date in 2012 we were dry camping at a Walmart in Prarieville, LA......↴

Monday was a cold, dreary day when I went to work at 10:30 am.  In fact it tried to rain a couple of times, but all we go was a few sprinkles.  The first hour Terry and I replaced a few of the automatic, hands free soap dispensers at the restrooms in preparation for opening them in April.  We then joined Greg to help repair two electrical pedestals which had issues with their 20 amp outlets.  By the time we finished the second pedestal it was after 12:30 pm, so I headed home.  Just as I arrived TLE was on her way out the door to begin her 1 pm to 4 pm shift.

Within about an hour the sun came out, and even though I was in the middle of a March Madness game I decided to go outside to dig a few post holes.  You will remember I took the rope fence down about 10 days ago between sites A-2 (our new site) and A-3 (our old site) to finish building the new 'lido deck', and it was time to put it back in its new location.....

.....I did not reinstall the third post.  Additionally, I began to transplant the escallonia bushes to line up with the new fence line.....two down, six to go!

The rest of Monday was consumed with watching the eight scheduled March Madness games.  The Oregon Ducks easily advanced over Iowa to the 'Sweet Sixteen', along with the UCLA Bruins.  The final game of the day pitted the USC Trojans (#6) against the Kansas Jayhawks (#3).  It was expected to be a close game, and it was for a short while, but by half time USC had built a 19 point lead, and by the end of the game they led by 34....a wipeout of epic proportions.  Florida, Michigan, Creighton, Alabama, and Gonzaga (overall #1 seed) advanced as was expected.  So, after five days of watching one game after another the first weekend of March Madness has come to a close.  Festivities will resume this Saturday and Sunday with four games being played each day.

And that my friend was our Monday.....thanks for stopping by!

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