Monday, September 27, 2021


 7:34 am - Monday - September 27th - Seal Rock, OR - 54° F, 100% humidity, wind 8 mph out o fthe south.....heavy cloud cover with rain in the forecast all day, and a forecast high of 58° F.  On this date in 2017 TLE and I visited Canyon Falls in Yellowstone for the first do not do it justice, but this one is my favorite from that day......↴

For one last time Fred and I met first thing Sunday morning at the WDS plant to clean the filters.  We lingered over the task talking about the last 6 months....usually it takes us 25 minutes, but on this day it took us 40 minutes.  From there we picked up the trailer, Stihl pole trimmer, hand trimmer, string trimmer, hand blower, and lawnmower heading to site #2 to make her look pretty again.  There have been customers in that site almost continuously for the past 6 weeks, and she needed a lot of attention.  We finished site #2 right at 12 pm, so the first of our last 5 workdays was in the books.  

After returning the tools to the Tool Shed, I headed for home to find TLE already deeply engrossed in watching the final round of the Ryder match play involving 12 singles matches.  The U.S. only needed 3.5 points to get to 14.5 points for the win, and the Europeans needing an impossible 9 points (meaning they would have to win 9 of the 12 singles matches Sunday) to get to 14 points and force a tie, thereby retaining possession of the Ryder Cup.  As it turned out the U.S. secured those 3.5 points pretty early on, and then another 4.5 points to close out the win 19-9.  It was a very exciting afternoon, and probably the best Ryder Cup I've watched in some time.  Of course, it is always more exciting when your team is winning, no?

I headed out to the trailer following the conclusion of Ryder Cup play, and proceeded to stow our three bikes in to their travel positions, plus our four camp chairs bringing to a conclusion the reorganization of the trailer interior, and making it compatible for VW insertion Friday morning.  To finish things off I applied a coat of gloss black Rustoleum to the wheel well cover I had prepared for painting the day before.

The next 4 days will pass quickly, no doubt, and soon I will be composing a missive on the road somewhere in Washington State.  As I write I has been raining since 5 pm Sunday, and the weather guessers say it will rain all day today.....looks like one of my last four days of work will be a rain day.  The rainy season has returned, and soon the burn ban for burn piles will be lifted, however, we will not be on hand to witness that day.

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