Friday, September 24, 2021

The Jello jiggled......

 8:02 am - Friday - September 24th - Seal Rock, OR - 63° F, 68% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the northeast, and not a cloud in the sky.....crystal, clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 72°!  Our view this morning.....↴

.....on this date in 2018 TLE and I were riding our bikes along the Island Line Rail Trail which runs along the coast of Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT.....

I began my second to last Thursday replacing the final two signs at the 'triangle' near the restrooms, which I removed in order to shave those 2 feet off the island.  Combined with doing site checks, it took me about 2 hours to dig the new holes, and set the signs.  Once that was done I headed up to our site to scrape the picnic table there in preparation for painting it.  By the time I finished that task it was getting close to 1 pm, and time to put everything away.

TLE was already home taking her two hour break before the second half of her split shift.  After she left for work I headed outside to deploy all the window awnings to be sure they are dry before we depart in a week.  It was too windy to deploy the patio awning for the same purpose, so we'll probably take care of that on Friday.  After that I headed into the trailer to get really serious about putting stuff away.  I got a lot done over a couple of hours, but Friday and Saturday will be the big days as we begin to squirrel away all that stuff we have had out the past year.  By Saturday the dorm fridge will be gone, the bikes will be stowed in their travel positions, the bike rack will be reinstalled on the VW, and by next Thursday the portable fireplace will be back in the Newell.  

We are now just one week from lift off, and it seems almost surreal to be saying that.  The weather continues to be what I would call excellent, though typical 'Fall' weather, and one can feel that 'Fall' chill in the air each morning.  

While I was working I received a call from my oldest son with whom I used to share an office before I retired from the insurance business.  For years he has leased an office with a small warehouse attached to it, and TLE and I have been storing a few personal items there on steel racks for about 15 years.  We've whittled down the amount of stuff we store there to where what is left might partially fill the bed of a pickup.  We also store TLE's old Cannondale F600 road bike there, and our Cannondale tandem. At any rate, my son called to advise he is moving his office into a smaller space, and will no longer have the warehouse, so we will need to move our stuff before the first of November as he will not have room for it in his garage after he moves his stuff from the warehouse to his home rarage (a Jeep, a Razr, and other assorted sand toys).  The reason he is moving is he just got a notice from his landlord advising they are raising his rent $500/month effective November 1st, so it's not his fault for the short notice.  So, to make a long story short, our travel plans after we leave Seal Rock have changed dramatically, and we are still discussing what that will look like, so stay tuned as we sort out this latest curveball by Miss you see the Jello jiggling?

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