Saturday, March 24, 2012


Our dry camp site last night in Prarieville....just south of Baton Rouge

Friday morning we got up with one goal in mind....head north to Baton Rouge, but first we had to dump our black tank, and receive mail from my son. Our host advised that the mail delivery was usually between 1pm and 2pm, so around 12:30pm we headed into town in the coach (without the trailer) to the Civic Center where there was rumored to be a dump site, and sure enough, they have an RV dump site at the Civic Center....who would have thought? We got the black tank dumped for $5.00, and then headed back to our host's home to discover the mail had been delivered, and our mail was there!!! I love it when a plan comes together!

We hooked up the trailer, loaded the 'Bird, and were on the road by 2:30pm. Our goal for the day was a Walmart Supercenter just south of Baton Rouge in Prarieville. We arrived there around 4:30pm, and what a great choice this was....giant parking lot, good lighting, much lower humidity, and a good price on diesel at Murphy USA in the same parking lot....$3.85/gallon.

We found a nice level spot, parked, and headed over to a Rocco's Po' Boy New Orleans style restaurant....I had Shrimp Alfredo.....hmmmm....I can still tate the garlic....yum!

The humidity was right in the low 40's...the lowest we've had since West! Slept great, and enjoyed having the windows open all night!

In the morning (Saturday, today) we unloaded the T'Bird and drove across the parking lot to the gas station and put $500 in the Newell tank, and 15 gallons in the 'Bird. Once we were back in our spot, we got dressed and drove the 'Bird into Baton Rouge, but before we got too far we stopped at Rue Beignet and had some coffee and the aforementioned Beignets.....WOW, really great with powdered sugar on them!

Our next stop was JD Duz laundromat.....yes, they do still exist. We brought a boatload of quarters with us, but, of course, this is not how this laundromat have put money in their machine, which issues a magnetic card that you insert in their washers and dryers.....took a couple of minutes to figure out how that worked, but eventually we got the clothes, and sheets washed and dried, and then headed off for our next stop...LSU Stadium, homeo of the NCAA football Tigers.

Objects are larger than they!

We took the walking tour through the old Capitol building where Huey Long reigned during his time before having the new capitol built. It is amazing to me how much the new Capitol building looks like the Los Angeles City Hall. According to the information provided the Louisiana State Capitol is the tallest State Capitol building in America....I'm not sure, because it barely looks bigger than me!

Old Capitol

The old Capitol building in use during the Huey Long days...
The old Governor's mansion...

The rotunda in the old Capitol building....just stunning!

Walkng back to our car I saw this iconic Coca Cola sign

After our tour of the Capitol we headed back to the coach, loaded the T'Bird, and then jumped on I-12 heading east to Slidell, LA.....just shy of the Mississippi border. This is one sweet stretch of Interstate....smooth, flat, and straight. I set the cruise control on 60 and just steered for 2 hours. We are now parked at another Walmart Supercenter in Slidell, right across from a Cracker Barrel, and a Lowe's (I'm using their free is lightning fast!).

This morning when I got up the house batteries were down to 85%....the solar panels brought them back up to 96% by the end of the day.

That's our day.....thanks for stopping by!

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