Sunday, March 4, 2012

Remember the Alamo!

Left Austin at 11am and arrived San Antonio around 2:15pm.....stopped in Kyle, TX at the local HEB supermarket to fuel up....119 gallons at $453.....should last us now until late April based on our travel plan. Will hit the Mission Trail bike path into downtown San Antonio tomorrow morning for a day of site seeing (Alamo, Riverwalk, and 4 missions). Traveled 102 miles today.....more what you can expect from us the next 8 weeks....when we move......

Always hate getaway day....saying "until next time" is painful for me. We had the most wonderful hosts for 7 days, and will miss them a lot, but now we are on our own for several weeks with no obligations.....looking forward to a more relaxed pace. Off to Corpus Christi on Tuesday.

The drive down to San Antonio was very pleasant....I ran with the driver's side window open to take advantage of the cool air....about 6 degrees cooler than Austin today. We are sitting up above I-410 and using the Lowe's Guest free WiFi. Speaking of WiFi, we have really had no problem between the HotSpots on our phones, and WiFi provided by our hosts getting access to broadband.

Since we filled up in El Paso on February 18th we have consumed 145 gallons, and our mileage was around 7.1 mpg. We ran in the high 60's mph most of those miles, which is why the mileage is down. Over the next 4-6 weeks we will be running at, or under 60mph, and we should see mileage creep back up to 8 mpg. We spent around $453 filling up today, plus $100 a week ago when we got to Austin just to get the tank back up over 1/4 was right around the "E" when we arrived in Austin. We shouldn't have to fill back up for 4-6 weeks.....just depends on our pace. We don't expect to move more than 100 miles each time we change our view. So far we have traveled 2,038 miles since 1/30/2012.

Tomorrow, Monday, March 5th will mark our 5th week on the road since we left Rancho Jurupa.....seems like a few months since we were sitting still at Rancho Jurupa just dreaming about what we are doing now. In some respects we are losing our sense of time....the last week seemed like a few days. It's nice losing track of time, and the days, if even for just a while.

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