Friday, March 9, 2012

A Rainy Day.....

(this is a stock blue sky!)

One of my favorite things about living in our motor coach is rain on the aluminum roof at night. It really has a soporific effect on me. We moved down to this small county park yesterday in anticipation of the weather front approaching. No fun driving in the rain, so why not be parked in a comfortable place where you can run your electric heaters, and listen to rain on the roof?

Padre Bali Park provides 30amp electrical service, and water. There is no sewer, but there is a dump station, and the level sites are on asphalt, so no worry about grass, or dirt, or gravel during the rain.

Yesterday we had planned to drive up to Port Aransas for lunch, but we never got our act together. We instead bought a few artificial logs for our portable fireplace, and sat around the fire eating popcorn, smoking a couple of Macanudo cigars, and sipping Scotch for a couple of hours. Eventually the evening mist began to turn to light drizzle, so we packed it in around 9pm.

Our DirecTV is still set to our home zip code, which means we are still getting West Coast programming, which means prime time now starts at 10pm for us since we are on Central Time.....not a big deal, because, after all, we're retired, right? Well, you are right, but I prefer to watch my programming earlier in the evening. I called DirecTV about changing my programming to the East Coast feed. No problem, we just needed to download the RV application, complete it, and FAX it in with a copy of our vehicle registration. Within 2 weeks we will be getting the East Coast feed on our DVR. That's why I love dealing with DirecTV.....I have never heard "NO" to any request I've had, and their customer service is exceptional! No, I am not a paid spokesman for DirecTV, but I like to give praise when it is due.

We woke up to rain this fact it rained on and off most of the night. Around 1pm it let up so we finally got our act together and drove into Port Aransas....about 15 miles north on Mustang Island. What a cool little town.....they are really geared up for Spring Break....every convenience store has cases of beer stacked outside the front door, and everyone is selling beach stuff.....umbrellas, water shoes, beach mats, coolers....the only thing not available at any price today is sunshine, and warm air.....right now it is 51 degrees, and not much warmer tomorrow.

We stopped off at Trout Street Bar and Grill, right on the water.....Elaine had seafood Jambalaya, and I had shrimp tacos and a pint of Fat Tire of my favorite draft beers. Very nice portions, fair prices, and fast service!

Nice marina view from our table.....just what I wanted.

As we approached Padre Bali Park on our return trip it began to rain again, and continues as I write.....what a great lazy day!

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  1. That's what I'm beginning to enjoy most about this lifestyle: just hangin' around. No guilt about not doing something when you don't want to.
    Make sure yall eat some boiled crawfish when you get through Louisiana. Let me know when you do, we will be home June through early August and should have room.

  2. Forest.....we will probably be in Louisiana within the next couple of weeks. We plan to be long gone from the south by the beginning of May....on our way up to Washington for the summer. We will definitely get some broiled you have a recommendation for a great dining place to order them?