Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In line to board the Galveston Ferry

Rolled out of bed this morning around 7am to sun showers...that's fog, no overcast, no rain.....just pure, unadulterated sunshine. Had a couple of cups of coffee while I read several blogs that I follow daily. Once the Lovely Elaine was up things moved fast.....we were hooked up again to the trailer and pulling out by 9:40am on to Seawall, and then on to Texas 87 to the Galveston Free Ferry....that's right, a FREE ferry. If this were Washington State it would cost close to $35 to put my coach and trailer on one of their ferries for a 10 minute ride.

On is this tight!!

Stopped along Texas 87 to enjoy the sea view

About 20 miles up the Bolivar Penninsula we stopped to take in the sea view and breeze. This is a great road, and very uncrowded. Smooth pavement! After our stop we continued north on 87 to Beaumont and I-10. Just after we got on I-10 we spied a Cracker Barrel Restaurant, and what do you know, it was just striking Noon.....pulled in and got lunch...they were packed, but we sat down in less than 5 minutes, had our food in 10 minutes, and were back in our coach 30 minutes that is service!

Our destination today is/was Duson, LA.....we had to cross a very tall bridge in Lake Charles....bridges like this are not big favorites of mine, but when they close one lane each way and make the remaining lane narrow it is just more excitement than I was looking forward to! I know there are more challenging bridges to come, so I'll keep my whining to a minimum and save it for when it really counts.

We arrived at our destination, Frog City RV Park in Duson at 3pm, and were promptly shown to our site (#11) that could handle our 62' length with a few feet to spare. This park has 62 sites, and 44 are pull throughs...they can handle up to 65'! I highly recommend this park....I really hate dropping my trailer....I really do.

After we got set up we rode our bikes over to Champagne Market (about 2 miles away) to buy a Porterhouse steak, some wine, and a few other goodies. Getting ready to BBQ that Porterhouse steak, and open a bottle of Pinot....there is a chance a cigar will be set on fire tonight, too.

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