Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Break?

This is not the kind of scenery we are looking for the next 8 weeks...

A couple of days ago a "friend" on Facebook sent me a private message asking if I knew that Spring Break would be starting along the Gulf Coast in a week, or two. Doh! No I haven't thought in those terms for over 10 years since my last child graduated high school. So, here we are sitting in Austin soon to be heading south to San Antonio, and then on to Corpus Christi around March 7th, which, I am told, happens to be a Spring Break hot spot. If you have been following our blog you know our plan "was" to meander along the Gulf Coast until the end of April and then head northwest for the summer. We hope to get at far as the Florida Panhandle, or further if time permits. Now we are in a minor quandry about what route to take east.....should be stay inland away from the crowded beaches for a few weeks? Well, just like the first 5 weeks, we will just make it up as we go. If it gets tooo crowded we'll turn inland.

It's funny when I think back that our original plan was to head south right after New Year's day, but plans changed. Had the notion of Spring Break even briefly crossed my mind last October when we made the decision to delay our departure a month I would have stayed with the original schedule. Even when we left on January 30th I had it in my mind that we would be hitting Corpus Christi 10-14 days ago. Nevertheless, we shall press on with style and FLEXIBILITY. The one thing that does give us more flexibility on where we stay is our solar panels, and large waste water capacities. No doubt RV spots along the coast will be more difficult to come by when we need them, so we will need to be more imaginative as the weeks progress keeping our eyes open for dump stations, and overnight parking spots that don't require reservations.

Yesterday morning it was warm and muggy on the shores of Lake Travis....humidity was at 81% and perspiration was By mid afternoon the temp had dropped 10 degrees and the humidity was down to 30%! That is a big change in just a few hours, but one for which I was grateful.....I grew in in SoCal and humidity and I are never going to be friends. A couple of friends, Phil and Denise Whitson, from my high school days in SoCal who moved to Austin a while back dropped by to see our coach and talk to us about our adventure for an hour or so. It was good to see them.

Today we will begin to get ready to leave in the morning for San Antonio. We will be visiting one more time with Elaine's sister Laureen and her husband Glen this afternoon. We'll be in San Antonio for a few days checking out the sites, including River Walk, and taking advantage of a great bike path system to visit the four missions in the area. What happens after that is up in the air due to this "spring break" thing, but tag along and see what happens!

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