Friday, March 23, 2012

Nothing happening here......please move on...

Thursday was one of those "I'm not sure what to do today, because it hasn't stopped raining" days. Since our plan is to start the wheels rolling again on Friday (March 23rd) I began straightening up the trailer so we can roll the 'Bird back in. Whenever we stop for more than a day it seems like the inside of the trailer explodes and all sorts of things come out of their hiding places during the night. Really, it's just me moving stuff around so I can open my work bench.....haha!

The sun actually came out around Noon time so we decided to take in a movie.....haven't been to a movie yet on the trip, although we have talked about it. We also need to do major laundry, so we were trying to find a laundromat near the movie theater to do our laundry before the movie, and we did locate several on Google, but for some reason we were just not able to FIND them. Now I can hear you thinking, "they have a Splendide Washer/Dryer, so why are they looking for a laundry?", and you would be 100% right. However, since we do not have access to a sewer hookup this week, and the Splendide dumps gallons of water in our gray tank we decided to find a laundry. Well, we are still trying to find a laundry.

The only movie that interested me that had a matinee showing was "John Carter". I would like to see "Safe House" with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, but the first showing was at 7pm....didn't want to miss any NCAA games (there were 4 last night), so we chose a matinee showing of "John Carter". The movie was about 2 hours long, but not nearly long enough to do the book justice. It was an odd, but fun movie, however I would not recommend it. Thankfully the admission was only $5/person. We found a little Mexican place called El Sombrero at the nearby mall to have lunch before the movie, and it was good!

After all the hunting around for the elusive laundromats we decided to do a small load in the Splendide of necessities on the "quick wash" mode, which uses a little less water, and just call it a day. We'll look for a laundromat again on our way up to Baton Rouge on Friday. I found a fuel stop where we can fill up for $3.76/gallon.....not a bad near there is a Walmart Super Center where we will park, pull the 'Bird out of her cage, and tour Baton Rouge on Saturday. After that we head east on I-10 for new lands and new adventures.

About 9pm the skies opened up again, and we were treated to rain on the roof all night, accompanied by more lighting and thunder....this time it seemed much closer.

So that was our "nothing much to do day".

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  1. Laundromats are sure becoming more and more a thing of the past. We actually have one relatively close by...about 10 miles away. I always look when we ride by to see if it is still in business....just out of curiosity. So many small businesses seem to fail. So far so good on the laundromat though!

    Am enjoying your blog....keep it up!