Monday, March 12, 2012

Smooth sailing...

Woke up to FOG, but visibility was .5 miles, so not too bad. Before departing for Palacios, TX we needed to dump our tanks.....the last time we dumped was in San Antonio last Tuesday, and we were getting full. After that task (my least favorite) we headed over to a do it yourself car wash to get the T-Bird washed, and to wash the sand and salt off the coach. That took about an hour, but we were finally on the road in a light drizzle around 10am.

Our route today would take us back to Corpus Christi where we picked up SR 181 to SR 35 east to Palacios. We passed through Portland, Rockport, Aransas Pass, Port Lavaca, and Point Comfort before arriving in Palacios around 2pm. We stopped twice on the way....once at a Walmart in Rockport to pickup some batteries, half and half, and some milk. While Elaine took care of the shopping I wiped off the windows, and part of the coach. Next we stopped in an HEB parking lot in Port Lavaca to have some lunch. All in all we traveled around 133 miles on secondary roads, the last 70 miles on a two way highway (35). We just took our time cruising along around 55mph.....very pleasant day with pleasant views, and very, very little traffic. We did have to cross a number of tall bridges, another of my least favorite things to

Right now we are sitting with the back of our coach 15 feet from the waters of Matagorda Bay. There is almost no wind today, and the bay looks like a big pond....glassy smooth. Took care of some "office" work while the Lovely Elaine did the it's time to help her make the of my least favorite.....just kidding!

We'll be here one night, and then on to Galveston Island.

Thanks for stopping by!

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