Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Galveston Island

I stepped outside around 7am this morning and the humidity must have been over 100%. There was a cool breeze coming off Matagorda Bay and carrying with it a mist that soaked my shirt in just a few minutes. My glasses were useless, so I took them off and put them back inside the coach. I had gone outside to hookup the sewer hose so we could drain the gray tank before we left since we were not sure if we would be dry camping this evening, or staying in another RV park. The humidity has been higher than normal due to a heavy rainfall the past week dropping about 6" of rain. Once the sun comes back out it is driving the water out of the ground and into the air as humidity. If the humidity does drop at least into the 80's we'll want to plug in again as we need A/C to dry out the air so we can sleep. We could run the generator all night, but that would cost as much as staying in an RV park.

We departed Bayside RV Park just before 10am with the windshield wipers running on an off until almost Noon. That nice wash job I did yesterday is now covered, again, with road grime....oh well. We stopped at a Walmart in Bayside to take a break....I brushed my teeth, and shaved.....hadn't shaved for about a week.....lol. After our break we continued roughly north on Texas 35 all the way to Alvin, TX.....the home of baseball's Nolan Ryan, and then turned on to FM 517 to I-45 south to La Marque where we stopped again at another Walmart Super Center to check oil, and tire air pressure. After that we decided that we would not be dry camping tonight as the humidity was still reading over 100%. We called ahead to a few RV Parks, and finally found a space at Sandpiper RV Park right on the shores of the Gulf. We have begun to see signs of Spring Break crowds beginning to arrive, although it is still not crowded yet.

The Lovely Elaine in front of Stewart Beach pavillion

After dropping our trailer, again, we backed our coach into space 33 for the night. Once that was taken care of we walked a few blocks back up Seawall to Gordos Mexican for dinner, which we took outside on the patio with an ocean view.....nice end to a nice, smooth travel day.

Tomorrow we'll board the Bolivar Peninsula Free Ferry, and head into Louisiana....our goal for tomorrow is Lake Charles.

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  1. Drinking our morning coffee, Cindy and I had a nice chuckle about your comments on humidity. Plenty more as you're following the Gulf coast!
    If you don't like tall bridges, the I-10 bridge over the Sabine River just before Lake Charles is pretty tall but straight. Don't take the south loop, stay on I-10 thru Lake Charles, the loop has a taller bridge with a curve in it.
    Safe travels.