Saturday, September 26, 2015


I've been many places over the past few years where the locals will repeat this popular refrain....."If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes".......that is so true here at Cape Blanco, and Friday was another good example of that.  We arrived for our 'top shift' at 1000 hours to sunny, windless skies, but by 1015 the fog rolled in......then back out......then back in.....then back out......then back in and back out once again in the space of an hour.  At one point I could not see the lighthouse from my 'greeter' position down at the entrance to the lighthouse station.

 About to fade to 'white'.....

 ....and just a few minutes later it was clear once again

It was one of those days when seemingly every visitor had an interesting story.....there was the retired Coast Guard guy who had spent 3 years working at the Cape Arago Lighthouse (up near Coos Bay, OR) back in the 60's.  Cape Arago is no longer in operation, and visitors can no longer get to it as the boardwalk that connected it with the shore was damaged, and not repaired a number of years ago.  He had a lot of very interesting stories.  Another gentleman had been involved in the restoration of a lighthouse near San Luis Obispo at a place called Avila Beach.....again much interesting information.  Then there were the Brits who had the best sense of humor seemed as if I just went from one great conversation to another and suddenly it was 1310 hours.......technically I was off duty at 1300.....:-)

Our plans for the afternoon were to drive into Bandon for one last visit (this time around) to Tony's Crab Shack, then do our laundry, and then visit Face Rock Creamery one more time.  It was a perfect day to sit outside at Tony's......TLE had their Smoked Salmon Alfredo (to die for), and I, being quite predictable, had three of their Fish Tacos (also to die for) chased with an Alaskan Amber Ale.......

TLE cherishing every bite of her Smoked Salmon Alfredo.......

We were back home before 1730 and settled in for the evening watching several episodes of 'Tiny House, Big Living', 'Bering Sea Gold' and 'Edge of Alaska'.....we have come to love the 'Tiny House' series as it mirrors, to some degree, our journey and experience.

Only one more 3 hour 'bottom shift' on Sunday and we are free to roam once again.....time to start putting stuff away!

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