Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A very nice day.....

It was nice to sleep in until almost 0800 hours, and just wake up gradually as it became lighter inside the coach.....I had the blog up a little after 0900 and was outside doing some 'housekeeping'.  I finished cleaning the front, and part of the passenger side of the trailer, I wiped the dew off the VW and then cleaned up the ALCOA aluminum wheels on on the Newell before covering them with our wheel covers for the duration of our stay.  Last year I didn't cover them and some of the lug nut caps got a little rusty.....I'm hoping covering them with the wheel covers will reduce, if not, eliminate that somewhat this time around.

I went back inside and did something I have not done in a long time......I sat down and watched an old black and white movie called 'Witness for the Prosecution', a 1957 movie starring Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich and Charles Laughton.  I had forgotten how good the movie was, and the double surprise ending caught me by surprise once again.  Another surprise, for me, was that Agatha Christie wrote the original script for the internationally successful stage play.

Around 1130 hours Michael, one of the lighthouse hosts, came by to ask me if I could help him set up his satellite dish......he also has DirecTV.  He and Liz are staying in lighthouse host site #1, just as we did for the month of September last year.......that is when we bought our portable Winegard Carryout satellite dish as we could not get reception from our Winegard Crankup dish.  It took about an hour to get it set up and dialed in, but in the end Michael and Liz now have DirecTV once again.

The weather Monday was warm enough, but the famous Cape Blanco winds have returned......it stayed windy all day long, and as a result we stayed inside pretty much the rest of the day and into the evening......the winds stayed in the 16-22 mph range all day, and continue in that range as I write.

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