Sunday, September 27, 2015

"I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello!" *

Saturday was a 'day off'.....I don't know why I say 'day off', because even when we are on it hardly seems like work.  It does not seem to matter where you happen to be at Cape Blanco, because it is all so beautiful.  

While I worked on a few things around the coach TLE made one last run into Port Orford's Ray's Food Place to shop before we head north.  While she was gone I worked on installing our new water pressure regulator......

......I was pretty sure I had all the proper parts to install the new regulator, but being so far from the local hardware store I decided to just install it temporarily, and wait until I'm much closer to a good hardware store in case I need any other parts to finish the installation.  I left the old regulator in place, but will remove it at a later date. Fortunately this new Sea Tech regulator is totally compatible with that choice. The main thing is once again the Newell plumbing is protected from future high pressure city water.  While all this was going on I had the trailer TV tuned to the morning College football games.

After TLE returned from Port Orford we decided to take what is possibly our last walk on South Cape Beach, and what a day for a walk it was........

I she saying goodbye, or hello?

.....while it was quite windy (yes the wind out of the northwest has returned) the air had a noticeable clarity which just further enhanced the view.....

 I call this 'Rhino Rock' because it looks like a Rhino horn from a distance

The picture below is proof positive that if you take enough pictures with a phone camera you'll get a 'keeper' eventually.....

 Taken from at the foot of the foot of Cape Blanco looking south to Port Orford

 There she is again.....goodbye, or hello?  I'm going with 'Hello!'

Found a few cool tidal pools with some sea life all we walked just under 4 miles round trip up to the Cape and back.  We returned in time to tune into the evening College football games which included UCLA at Arizona, and USC at Arizona State.  UCLA won 56-30, and USC won 42-14....doesn't get much better than that for the 'home' teams.

Thanks for stopping by!

* From The Beatles song

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