Friday, September 11, 2015

Wind, fog, deserted beaches......the charm of Cape Blanco

When you spend time at Cape Blanco the wind is often a topic of discussion.  For the past 4 days we have had winds pretty consistently over 20 mph, and for hours yesterday afternoon it was closer to the mid to high 20's with gusts to 37.  This is the norm, or so we are told on a regular basis, and we knew that coming in last year, and this year, but it always takes a while to adjust to it.....and adjusting we are.

Thursday was a day off work for us, and we took full advantage of it.....TLE drove into Port Orford to do a load of clothes.....last year we would have done the wash in our Spendide combo washer/dryer, but the dryer part of the 'combo' is not working right now.  I need to pull the Spendide out of its cubbyhole, but that is a long multi hour job, so I have been procrastinating for months.  Our long 3.5 month stay in South Lake Tahoe would have been the ideal time to do it, but what can I say?  I just never got around to it, but you can be assured I will get to it soon.....very soon......very, very soon.  While TLE was in town I spent a couple of hours going through our mail, working on our taxes, scanning important papers, filing some, and shredding the rest.  Speaking of scanning/printing.....we love our HP Envy printer we bought a few months ago.  It is so much more intuitive, and connects to my Verizon hotspot so much more quickly than the old printer making printing, copying and scanning much more efficient.  On top of all that it has a much lower profile, and a much smaller footprint than the old HP we used for the first 3 years on the road.

Around 1500 hours TLE and I took a walk down to 'south beach' and walked southward this time.....we wanted to be back by 1630 hours at the latest so we just walked 30 minutes south before turning around..... 

.....we wanted to be sure to be back as we were expecting the delivery of two packages from Amazon, and did not want to miss the ranger who would be delivering them sometime between 1600 and 1730 hours.

The wind and fog were our constant companions on our 60 minute walk, but we had a great time meandering down the foggy, windblown, deserted beach looking for new treasures to adorn our 'Lighthouse Host' sign, and found a few more cool pieces of driftwood to add to this year's collection.

We were back at the coach by 1615 sitting in front of the electric heater in the salon, and awaiting the deliver of our Amazon was for the coach.....2 new water filters...and the other was for TLE.....a new Duxtop induction burner.....

Our original Duxtop induction burner is still going strong, but it is almost 5 years old, and they do have a life expectancy.  TLE proactively ordered the new one....we will hold the old one in reserve in case the new one has a problem in the future.  The new one has a different footprint and actually fits on the shelf we store it on much better.

I was in bed a little after 2200 hours, and TLE followed shortly thereafter.......thanks for stopping by!

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