Sunday, September 20, 2015

Living in the moment

Every day I am asked multiple times by arriving visitors "How are you doing?"......I always reply "Excellent!", because I am.  How could I not be doing excellent getting to spend several hours a day in the great outdoors enjoying the good weather (right now), and exceptional views?  This reminds me not to take this experience for granted......I try to spend a few minutes each shift just standing at the edge of the bluff taking in the gorgeous view, taking a deep breath of the sea air and feeling the wind on my face......I literally feel this sense of well being....serenity if you will......wash over my soul.  I watch the wind bend the long grass parallel to the ground at times, hear the barking seals in the distance, the cry of the eagle as he floats upon the updrafts along the cliffs in search of his next meal......this is about as good as it gets.

I had a chance to have an extended conversation with a couple who had both just retired and were taking an open ended car tour up the Pacific coastline.  They remarked how they were learning to 'live in the moment', and not make too many plans.......just let "it" happen.  That is really what this nomadic life is all in, and cherishing the moment.....not thinking too far ahead......yesterday is history....tomorrow's story is yet unwritten.......just enjoy today.....enjoy where you are, and what you are doing.....if you aren't enjoying where you are, or what you are doing roll your wheels.

In the old Visitor Center here at Cape Blanco someone, years ago, had painted a mural on one of the walls of the 9 lighthouses along the Oregon Coast.......last year it was not possible to take a picture of the entire mural because some shelving was in the way, but now that it is empty I decided to take a 'pano' shot of it Saturday for posterity's sake.......please click on this picture to see it in more detail....

.....Ranger Greg is still trying to figure out how to save this mural and move it to the new Visitor Center.....I hope he is successful!

We had the 'top shift' Saturday so were off by 1300 and home shortly thereafter enjoying the sunny skies with a 'little' college football thrown in for good measure......okay, a LOT of college football.....

.....and not a bad view to enjoy whilst watching the game!

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