Wednesday, September 30, 2015

'The final countdown.....'

Tuesday morning brought us heavily overcast skies which eventually gave way to partly sunny later in the day.  As I walked outside around 1030 hours to begin the final push to get ready for liftoff Wednesday I thought I had about 1/2 a day of work.....was I ever wrong!  I finished just after 1600 hours and was one tired's the short list of some of what I had to do......

--remove tired covers and stow them
--dump black and gray tanks, and flush black tank
--clean and put sewer hose (three lengths) away
--top off fresh water tank at 140 gallons
--roll up and stow hoses
--roll up and stow all xmas lights and extension cords
--remove pedals from, and stow mountain bike
--put away 2 tool bags, and one tool box
--haul remaining firewood down to Mike and Liz' for them to burn in October....there is no way I am going to haul that wood one inch further.....we managed to burn about half of it in September.....about 7 round trips to their site (they were away at the annual 'Volunteer Appreciation Day' lunch)
--clean all the windows in the front cockpit
--finish straightening up trailer.....there was way more to do than I remembered, and this is where the extra time went
--drop trailer back on hitch, attach chains, anti-sway bar, etc.
--set up HP Netbook and program our route up to Springfield, OR
--take off and stow mirror and windshield wiper covers
--take off and stow wind chimes
--take off and stow our 'The Hockwalds' sign
--stow outdoor foldup chairs
--take a nap....whew.....glad it was cool and cloudy

What still needs to be done Wednesday morning.....

--disconnect shore power cord and stow it
--disconnect shore power cord for the trailer and stow it
--secure screw organizer in trailer
--put coach entrance step and mat away
--turn off the water heater
--secure the Norcold refer
--crank down and secure the Winegard satellite dish
--turn off the DVR
--turn off the electric heaters
--secure everything inside the coach for travel
--crank up the Detroit Diesel and air the coach up
--load the VW in the trailer
--roll the 22.5" wheels towards Springfield, OR
--turn to TLE and say "It's good to be moving again...." to which she will reply "Yeah..."

Other than that there was, and and is not much to do before we roll.....:-).....and to think we didn't take out too much stuff this time around!

We ate the wonderful enchilada casserole dinner TLE prepared around 1730, and then strolled down to the 'phone booth' for one last sunset picture......

Life is good.......TLE says I take good care of her

Thanks for stopping by!

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