Friday, September 4, 2015


There are some who believe that somewhere in this vast world population an exact duplicate of their person exists.....whether in looks, or personality, or behaviors.  Personally I never have given that much thought......until Thursday.  There is a word of German origin, I believe, that labels this phenomenon......doppelganger.  While what happened Thursday does not literally fit the definition, it's about as close as I think we'll ever get.  About 1200 hours a married couple visiting the lighthouse introduced themselves to Elaine.........they gave their names.......get 'Clark and Elaine' from......get this......Surprise, AZ!  TLE sent them back to me to get my reaction......she memorialized our encounter in this picture....

The weather continued to be mostly clear, but the wind velocity increased a little up to 10-11 mph during our 'top' shift.  I was stationed, as one familiar with our setup here at the lighthouse can tell, out near the physical entrance to the lighthouse station.  The result was I was getting the full brunt of the wind.  On Wednesday I wore a short sleeve shirt the entire shift, but on Thursday I had my volunteer jacket on the entire shift along with a watch cap.  The upside to being out in the wind is I was not bothered by the flies......the flies are a result of the recent storm which pushed copious amounts of seaweed and bull kelp up on the shore, which is now rotting, which is drawing flies.....which flies are now bothering us at the lighthouse.

Just like Wednesday we only had 60+ visitors by 1300 hours when our shift ended........and once again less than 120 for the entire day, so business is a little slow right now.  At the end of our shift we got in the VW and drove directly to Bandon where we first stopped at Tony's Crab Shack for some crab cakes and fish tacos, which by themselves are some of the best I have ever had, but when enhanced by the addition of 'Slap Ya Mama' hot sauce become absolutely fantabulous!  Last year when we first visited Tony's Crab Shack I had never heard of 'Slap Ya Mama' hot it is a staple in our pantry.

After getting our seafood fix at Tony's we headed over to Facerock Creamery.....just a block away....for some amazing ice cream and the purchase of some of their cheese.

Java Thunder (left) for TLE, and Bordeaux Cherry for moi.....this is the "child's cup" for $2.00 each....a great value!

Before leaving for Bandon we made arrangements to meet Mike and Liz down at the 'phone booth' at 1830 for wine, cheese and other snacks and the evening's sunset......I arrived just before 1830 to snag one of the two picnic tables.....

Mike and Liz brought with them 'Nancy', whom they had first met at a volunteer position near Las Vegas, NV a couple of years ago, and she had just discovered Thursday while visiting the lighthouse that Mike and Liz were working here.....just as we did back in our days when we first met Mike and Liz, we talked and laughed non-stop until 2030......the sun set just about 1950, and we were not disappointed.......our little 'sunset group' is a perfect example of the nomadic community convergences that happen on a regular basis all over this country.

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