Sunday, September 6, 2015

College Game Day!!!

My day began as usual with the daily composition of my blog, then I headed out to begin to clean a few months of grime off the trailer......the morning after a somewhat heavy dew is the perfect time to begin this process.  I don't have to use any of the precious water resources here.....I can just use what nature has provided to begin washing off the dirt.  I managed to get about 40% of the trailer done before it was time to get ready for our 'bottom shift' at the lighthouse.

This particular Saturday is one of my favorite Saturdays of the year!  College football officially begins with more games than can be watched by one person in one day, but I try anyway.  Most of the favorites won, but two PAC-12 teams, Stanford and Arizona State lost their openers.  UCLA and USC both won handily 34-16 and 55-6 respectively.  So, what does any of this have to do with Cape Blanco?  Well, that is the marvel of this matter where I am, even on the very rural, isolated southern Oregon coast, as long as I have a decent view of the southern sky I can watch sports if I so wish.

We had the 'bottom shift' Saturday, and it was another beautiful day out at the Cape.  When we arrived at 1230 hours we had already had over 100 visitors, and that trend continued until quitting time at 1530 hours....we ended up with 169 visitors.....certainly our biggest day this year, but below what we were getting this time last year.  We were 'home' by 1550 hours, and relaxing shortly thereafter to the sounds of college football in the background.

Once again we headed down to the 'phone booth' around 1830 hours to welcome in the newest edition of the famous Cape Blanco sunset.  Usually when we arrive it is close to 90 minutes until the sun sets, but the time just flies by as we talk with our friends Mike and Liz and whoever may show this case we were once again joined by Nancy.....there is something almost mystical about the way Cape Blanco brings out the best in friendships and relationships.

The moment of inspiration......

The after glow continues for almost 40 minutes...

Another day lived well, and ended well in Cape Blanco......thanks for stopping by!

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