Monday, September 14, 2015

Sweet, sweet, sweet.......

TLE and I had the 'top shift' Sunday, and what a different day it was compared to the past 4, or 5 days.....clear blue skies, and warm sun on my face.....don't get me wrong, it was still quite windy and very cold for most of our shift, and was destined to get windier after the end of our shift at 1300, and it did.  I had recorded 80 visitors by shift's end, which was up about 20 over the prior few days.  We had two couples from England who were on holiday driving down the Pacific Coast, and one couple from Austria doing the same.

I'm always a little bit amused when folks get confused about where things are here at the lighthouse station......the first sign you see is pretty straight forward, and yet people will stop and ask where the visitor parking is, or where the handicap parking is on a regular basis.

Sunday was also the last day of the annual Cranberry Festival up in 'Bandon By the Sea', so right after the end of our 'top shift' we headed into Bandon to walk around old town, just as we did last year.  Unfortunately since Sunday was the last day a lot of the festivities which we enjoyed last year were over, and everything was winding down when we arrived around 1400 hours.  That being the case we decided to head over to Foley's Irish Pub for some 'Fish 'n Chips' (for me) and a Traditional Rueben for TLE.  We chased the pub fare with some Black Porter.

Normally we would have headed directly for Tony's Crab Shack, but with the wind (yes it was also very windy in Bandon) it just didn't feel like a day to be sitting outside.  From Foley's we walked over to the weekly Farmer's Market to buy some more Cranberry Syrup....we ran out some time ago.....but the vendor was not there.  Ultimately we walked over to the Cranberry Sweets Company to buy a couple of bottles at $7.95 per's expensive, but it is so good on pancakes!

If you are ever in Bandon check this place can sample all of their confectionery much of which is amazing!

We were home by 1600 hours, and I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening watching NFL football......thanks for stopping by!

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