Thursday, September 24, 2015

The ban is lifted.....

It's there again.......that vague feeling of ennui that always ensues when we come to an end of a stay at a place we love.  In one week we will be rolling our wheels once again, and for the next two months until we land back in SoCal we will be changing our view on a regular basis.  Next Wednesday we will be saying our 'until next times' to nomad friends and wondering when our paths will cross again.  We only have three more volunteer assignments here at Cape Blanco (Thursday, Friday and Sunday) so we will have ample time to put away what little stuff we have deployed around our campsite, which, finally as of Wednesday evening, will include our portable fireplace.  The campfire ban was lifted a week ago, but it has been too windy until Wednesday night for a fire.  We hauled a lot of firewood to Cape Blanco from South Lake Tahoe with the intent of having fires several times a week, but the campfire ban and then the wind made that impossible until Wednesday.  I really do not intend to haul that wood one inch further, so we will have as many fires over the next week as possible, and leave whatever we don't burn for Mike and Liz who will be here one more month.

We had the 'bottom shift' Wednesday, and what a great shift it was......we had just over 180 visitors for the day......a lot for a Wednesday.....and the weather was picture perfect......clear, sunny with virtually no wind.  I was adding up the number of assignments we had this month and it comes to 15 meaning that we have worked exactly half the time we have been here, albeit only about 60 hours in all.....a much more relaxed month than our last at TVC when we each averaged 40 hours per week (160 for the month).

We closed up the lighthouse at 1530 hours, and were home by 1545......TLE sat down to read a good book, and I headed outside to vacuum the VW, and take care of a few other 'upkeep' things, then got the wood loaded in the portable fireplace for our first fire since we left South Lake Tahoe.

Around 1730 I lit the fire using an Ignite-O packet as I always do, and within a few minutes had a roaring every time!  No muss, no fuss.....just stack the wood, insert an Ignite-O packet in the middle of the wood, light it, and relax.

The evening weather was so nice we even ate (pollo asado tacos) outdoors for the first time since we got here August 30th......we sat by the fire until almost 2100.......Angie and Gary joined us for the last hour.  We headed inside to watch the season premier of 'Survivor' (we recorded it) and were in bed by 2230.  It was really great to sit outside without being buffeted by the wind!

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