Thursday, September 10, 2015

WIND, the same time

We woke up to the sound of the omnipresent wind, but when we opened the curtains we saw that fog had been added to the mix.  Normally, and you will have to agree, the wind usually chases away the fog, but then again this is Cape Blanco where very little fits into the norm......  

As we wait to open the gate we watch the lighthouse slowly disappear into the fog.

.....when you get a wind driven damp fog you 'layer up'.....for me that means at least four layers of upper body clothing......a Nike 'coolwick' t-shirt, a long sleeve 'Under Armor' base layer shirt, a vest, and finally our Cape Blanco Lighthouse Volunteer jacket.  Added to that is a watch cap pulled over my ears, Columbia convertible pants, gloves, and Keen hiking shoes....

Huddled in the alcove of the old greeting center trying to think happy thoughts, and, apparently, not succeeding.

Wednesday we had the 'top shift' beginning at 1000 hours.....I was the 'greeter' and TLE was the 'story teller' in the greeting center.....where it was warm, not windy, and dry.  On the other hand I was stationed at the entrance to the lighthouse station.......out in the cold, damp wind....okay, eventually I relocated my stool to the non-windy confines of the alcove at the old greeting center and only ventured out when I saw people approaching the entrance.

By 1100 hours you can no longer see the gate at the entrance to the park, and the windblown fog envelopes the cape completely.......

.....of course, the visitation was way down as a result of the windblown the end of our shift we had only 63 visitors who were willing to brave the elements to see the lighthouse.

Wind driven fog of Cape Blanco

We were off by 1300 hours and on our way home where we would spend the afternoon huddled inside our warm coach, safe from the damp clutches of the Cape Blanco wind.  The wind driven fog continued to swirl around the host sites all afternoon, but we were as 'snug as two bugs in a rug' in our Newell with electric heaters blasting.

Wednesday was also TLE's 49th birthday for the 17th consecutive year.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVELY ELAINE!

As I write Thursday morning the wind continues unabated, but the skies are once again clear......thanks for stopping by!

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