Monday, September 28, 2015

Auf Wiedersehen, Au revoir, Adiós, Arrivederci

Sunday was our 'swan song' at the lighthouse, and just like our very first day on site last year, our last day this year was filled with all that makes this location so memorable.....a ferocious wind out of the north, bitter cold, sun, stunning views, and very interesting visitors.  TLE and I were stationed in the lighthouse for our 'bottom shift', and were thankful we were inside this day.  As I stood inside the tower room hearing the moaning wind I thought I should take a video so you could see an hear what I saw on this day......

Listen to the moan of the wind in the tower stairway from Sunday

We said our 'until next times' to Mike and Michelle who departed immediately after their last shift for Bend, OR, so now we are down to three lighthouse couples for a few more days when we depart with Gary and Angie leaving just Mike and Liz who will be here through the month of October.  The afternoon flew by, and in spite of the ferocious winds in the mid 30's with gusts into the 40's we had 117 visitors.  While helping TLE put away the 'work room' props I came across this picture showing the lighthouse during its extensive renovation a number of years ago.......

 Came across this picture of the lighthouse under renovation a few years ago

Once we had put things away, we locked the front door and climbed the 64 stairs up to the 'lantern room' to take our last 'usie' was just pure unadulterated luck we caught the light bulbs in between us, but is is so fitting......

Last lantern room 'usie' this time around

We were home before 1600 hours watching the end of the afternoon NFL games, and eagerly awaiting the evening game between the Denver Broncos and the Detroit Lions.  It was an ugly, ugly game marred by penalties, and very little offense, but the Broncos prevailed in the end 24-12.  The evening game ended just before 2100 hours, and then we settled in to watch the very last episode of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)......the 2 hour finale will be the only episode this year, and they wrapped up the last 15 years very nicely.

While I did put away a few things Sunday morning, Monday will be the big 'put all the stuff away day'......thanks for stopping by!

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