Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's Gold!

Recently I ordered a replacement water pressure regulator through Amazon, but upon receipt of that regulator realized I had misread the item description thinking it was adjustable up to 50 PSI, however, the one I purchased only goes up to 25 PSI, which is a little low for my application, so I had to return it and purchase the correct one.  I've only had to return one other thing in all the years I have been buying stuff from Amazon, and am so impressed with how easy it is.  You just go to your 'ORDERS', open up the item in question and there is a tab that you click to return the item.  You are asked a couple of questions, and then they give you a shipping label to print, and attach to the package.  Naturally, you have to pay the return shipping, which Amazon just subtracts from your refund.  Since we had this return package to drop off at UPS we decided to drive south to Gold Beach Monday.  There was a drop off location in Bandon that was closer, but we've already been there a couple of times this year, so Gold Beach it was!

We left the campground around 1030 hours to begin our 33 mile drive south, stopping off in Port Orford at the hardware store to buy some clear marine grade caulk, then on to the Post Office to drop off some mail, then continued on south arriving in Gold Beach around 1145 hours......we quickly located the UPS drop off facility located within Rogue Outdoor Store on HWY 101 where we quickly deposited the Amazon bound package.

The view along HWY 101 on the way to Gold Beach is just as spectacular as any other section of 101 in Oregon.....

......and, of course, there is the obligatory historic bridge that carries you over the Rogue River into Gold Beach.....

Historic Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge

.......after completing our main task we began our search for a place to have lunch, but the first 3, or 4 places we chose are not open on Mondays.  Ultimately we settled on eating at Double D's Cafe to which Yelp gives 4 stars on 33 reviews, and they were open.  This is a little 'hole in the wall' kind of place, but it is well worth the stop.  I had a classic BLT with curly fries, and TLE ordered a classic Rueben with curly fries.  As it turned out we got a plate full of curly fries with accompanied by a sandwich......I'm not being critical here......just describing the abundance of curly fries on each of our plates.  My BLT was delicious, and TLE loved her Rueben......we got a box for the curly fries we could not finish......:-)

As you cross over the Isaac Lee Patterson bridge into Gold Beach you can see the famous Jerry's Rogue Jet Boat docks on the right, and I thought "Why not come back tomorrow and take that trip up the Rogue River?"......apparently I did more than think it as I quickly heard TLE's voice replying "Yeah, let's do that!"  I sent an instant message via Facebook to Mike and Liz asking if they wanted to join us, and they also replied in the affirmative, so we made reservations for the 11 am 64 mile round trip run on Tuesday.  At $50/person this seems like a good value, but I'll let you know when I write about Tuesday on Wednesday morning.

On our way back north we stopped in at Humbug Mountain State Park to check it out......the park offers water and electric hookups (no sewer), and a dump station.  It stretches out along Brush Creek in the shadow of the 1,756' Humbug Mountain......it is a very interesting park, but feels a little claustrophobic to me.

Instead of heading directly back to Cape Blanco we drove another 8 miles northward to the small town of Langlois and the famous Langlois Market where I stocked up on some exotic brews from their amazing collection.....next to Dart's Liquor in Stateline, NV this tiny out of the way store has one of the more impressive collection of 22 ounce brews I have ever seen.

We were home by 1530 hours with smiles on our faces.....what a nice day!

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  1. I hope you enjoy the Rogue Jet Boat trip. My husband & I took our kids a long time ago and saw a lot wild life...including a bear! To me personally, it was well worth it.
    Boise, ID


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