Saturday, March 5, 2016


It is so much more enjoyable to take walks/ride bikes when the weather is in the 60's and 70's like Friday.  We were off on our walk by 1000 hours walking north on Park to 3rd Street where we turned west all the way up to Mt. Rubidoux Drive which we took back to Mission Inn Ave. where we headed back east to our home.  The temps were in the high 60's as we began our 3.7 mile 'loop' walk, and had barely hit 70 when we returned home.  We covered that distance in just over 59 minutes of brisk walking.

3.7 mile walk around downtown Riverside

We really didn't have much else going on Friday except a date with our good friends Candy and Steve at the Fontana Elk's Lodge (#2013) for dinner.  We have been thinking about joining the Elk's Club for a number of members we would have access to hundreds of places across the USA to park our Newell, and most of those locations that allow RV parking offer some sort of hookups (elelctric, electric and water, and some full hookups) for $15-$22/night.  On top of that they all have bars (open several days a week), and food service one, or two nights a week.....also at discounted prices.  

Fontana Elk's Lodge # 2013

Around a dozen RV sites in back

At this point in our nomadic travels we seem to know more people who belong to the Elk's than do not, so we decided to pull the trigger while we are in town for another 8 weeks and put our application in for membership so we can be initiated prior to our departure for South Lake Tahoe.  Not only will we benefit from our membership while traveling, we now have a great place to 'land' when we are in SoCal visiting our kids.  Since our daughter and son-in-law are selling their Riverside home where we have stayed the last few times we have been in SoCal we need a new, inexpensive place to stay.  We had a lovely evening with Candy and Steve, and met some of their Fontana Elk's Lodge friends......thank you both for dinner and drinks!

We were home just before 1800 hours and watching the season finale of 'Gold Rush'.......could the young Parker Schnabel top Todd Hoffman in gold production once again?  I'll not spoil the finale if you haven't watched it yet.

Thanks for stopping by!

*BPOE - Benevolent Protective Order of Elks

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