Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fully engaged.......

A number of weeks ago I suggested to TLE that instead of driving to the Mt. Rubidoux trailhead we just walk from the coach and do the entire 6+ mile roundtrip walk......she didn't think she was ready for that yet, but Saturday she was fact it was her idea!  We started out on our walk about 0830 hours cutting over to University which we took all the way to the trailhead, then returning on Mission Inn Ave. to the coach........ took us just 1 hour 48 minutes to walk the 6.5 miles....we averaged just over 3.6 mph, gained over 522 feet in elevation, and burned just under 1200 calories.  The skies were clear, and the early morning temperatures were quite chilly, but it was perfect walking weather!

I spent the rest of the day helping Nick with a number of minor home repairs.......the things that need to be fixed before their home closes escrow early next month.......YES, their house is in escrow, and Nick and Kate will be moving into our house in Ontario!  It's ironic that in April we will have owned that house for 30 years, and now another generation will be taking over.

At 1630 we headed over to the home of our future in-laws, Mark and son, Tim, called me two weeks ago on his way to work to let TLE and I know that he was going to propose to The Beautiful Laila, aka: was to be a surprise.  Since Laila had already organized a family get together that night it was a perfect time to pop the question in front of the entire family!

 TAR*, Chris and Kate

 GEC** & Christopher

 Meredith and Amy.....they know something TBL*** doesn't

Tim, Terry and Tony came out of the house into the back patio with their guitars and they proceeded to play "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young, and then Tim began to sing.......I'll let this video tell the rest of the story......

 Tim on one knee proposing and giving the ring.....she said "YES!", of course!

 Showing off the ring....

Terry and Tony continue playing "Harvest Moon" in the background

We had a wonderful evening filled with good friends, family, extended family and at the end of it all I gained a new is good....thanks for stopping by!

**TAR - The Amazing Rochelle
**GEC - Grandaughter Extraordinaire Cynthia
***TBL - The Beautiful Laila

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