Thursday, March 17, 2016


We came back to SoCal this year with the goal of selling our home.  Originally we were going to list it with a realtor and hope it sold quickly.  The downside to that is we would have had to spend a few weeks prior to listing it getting it ready, and spend a few thousand bucks in the process fixing stuff.  Then, while we were still on our way home in mid November I received an e-mail from our daughter Kate suggesting that she and her husband, Nick, were interesting in buying the house.  They were going to sell their home in Riverside so Kate would be closer to work, and Charlise, their daughter, closer to her school.  Charlise attends the same elementary school that Kate, and all of our children except for our oldest son attended.

Our house which we have owned for 30 years

Of course this immediately got our attention because it would mean we would not have to spend time fixing up the house to be listed since they, Kate and Nick, want to remodel the house anyway.  So, instead of fixing up the Ontario house, we spent time helping them get their home ready to sell.  Their house was listed in December, and they had a full value offer within days of listing, which was so amazing.  The escrow was scheduled to close in early February, however, the house fell out of escrow in early January.  Needless to say we were all bummed, but the house was still being shown, so we hoped a buyer would come along quickly.

Kate and Nick's home

Near the end of February with no buyers in sight we told Kate and Nick that if they didn't have an offer by March 13th when their listing contract ended that we would need to list our home.  I then began the work to get our house listed.  They had an 'Open House' on both February 5th and 6th, but there were no offers......until the 8th when they got an offer which was acceptable.....not full value, but still good nonetheless.  The house was in escrow the next day with termite and home inspections scheduled for that weekend.  By Wednesday, yesterday, we found out the home passed inspection with NO requests for any repairs, and today, Thursday the home will be appraised by the lender!

Escrow should close April 7th on which date we will become officially 'homeless' in the traditional sense of the word.....obviously we have a 'home' which we have been living in for over 5 years now.  Ironically, we moved into our Ontario home in April of 1986 when TLE was just over 6 months pregnant with our 5th child, and now our daughter and her family will be moving in 30 years almost to the day after we first moved in, and she is also just over 6 months pregnant with her third child.

So, other than getting all excited about the house sale going through, what did we do on Wednesday?  Well, TLE went to Costco to shop, and I took a bike ride.  I started out to just do my 10 mile roundtrip ride to the top of Mt. Rubidoux and back, but I decided in mid route to jump on the SART* and ride up to Waterman Ave. in San Bernardino and back.  I covered 24 miles in all averaging 14.2 miles per best ever for this ride by almost a mile per hour!  By the time I arrived back at the coach  around 1300 it was well into the 80's where it remained until early evening....thankfully TLE was home from shopping and had turned on the A/C so I could cool down.

Once I had taken a shower, and cooled down I spent the rest of the day outside in the shade reading and relaxing.  By the way, I have been doing good on being consistent at exercise, and am proud to report I have lost 6 pounds, and am 4 pounds away from my short term goal of 10 pounds lost by the time we head for South Lake Tahoe in 6 weeks.....I think I'm going to make it!

Thanks for stopping by!

*SART - Santa Ana River Trail

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