Monday, March 28, 2016

In depth.....

I woke up well after 0800 Sunday morning after having gone to bed at 2200 the night before.....wait, what?  Ten hours sleeping?  I never do that......just ask TLE....well rarely, if ever.  Until this morning (Monday) when I slept until 0815 once again after going to bed at 2300 the night before.....what is up?  The only thing that was different the past two days is that I really didn't get my usual nap either Saturday, or Sunday, so I guess that is my body's way of compensating for the lack of a nap.

The night before we had invited our daughter, Meredith, to come hiking with us to the top of Mt. Rubidoux.......she arrived at our location just before 1100 hours, and we all promptly headed over to the trailhead to begin our hike.....this was her first time doing this hike.  She managed to keep up with us, although I have to admit we did slow our pace slightly to about 3.2 mph.

With Meredith a year ago

As is always the case we spent our entire time with Meredith talking non-stop during our drive over to the trailhead, during the entire hike, for the entire time we sat at The Coffee Bean, and then until after 1600 at our coach when she headed for home.  I love talking with Meredith......she is extremely well read, and she knows something (sometimes a lot) about almost everything, and has very definite opinions she is not afraid to voice whether it be with TLE and I, or anyone else.  The five hours we spent with her just flew by and it was time for her to head for home.  This is one of the things we have really taken pleasure from this time around in SoCal....being able to spend hours talking with our children, and getting a real feel for where they are at in their lives.  

We are coming away from our time here in SoCal with good feelings about the lives our children and their families are living.  I think we always had the impression things were going well with our kids, but until you can take the time to sit and have in depth conversations you really don't know.....I think now we really know things are going well.  All any parent can ask for is that their children are good, productive citizens, and are living good lives, right?

We spent the late afternoon, and early evening watching two more of the NCAA March Madness 'elite eight' the end of the weekend three of the four number one seeded teams lost their games leaving North Carolina as the only number one seed team remaining in the tournament, and that is the randomness of this tournament that appeals so much to almost everyone.

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