Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future....."

......the opening lyric for the famous Steve Miller Band song entitled "Fly Like An Eagle" keeps running through my brain as I sit here in contemplation about the words I will coax out of my keyboard this morning.  Within a week escrow will close on my daughter's home here in Riverside and within a couple days of that we will be rolling our wheels up to the Fontana Elks Club.  We are, once again, short timers and it is time for us to begin to think in terms of 'putting stuff away' so we can move.  We are down to counting the 'last things' we will do this time in SoCal.....our last trip to Tio's Tacos, Pepito's, Simple Simon's, The Coffee Bean.....our last time to see and hold Brayden James in person, the last hugs with our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids........and there will be many, many of those.....the last bike ride and/or hike to the top of Mt. Rubidoux....the last ride around Lake Evans in Fairmont Park....the last ride on the SART and on the Pacific Electric Trail.....the last time camping in the backyard of my daughter's home here in Riverside.

The future is coming fast, and within weeks now we will be cruising north on US HWY 395 through familiar Owens Valley towns (Olancha, Lone Pine, Independence, Big Pine and Bishop)........pausing at the top of Conway Summit to look back at Mono Lake and Lee Vining, descending US HWY 50 down from Spooner Summit and catching that first view of Lake Tahoe, arriving at our familiar site #426 at Tahoe Valley Campground.......enjoying that unique Lake Tahoe aroma.......reacquainting with our TVC friends once again and enjoying the environs of Lake Tahoe.

Around noontime we drove over to the Mt. Rubidoux trailhead to take our favorite hike one more time........through a combination of fast walking and a little jogging I upped my 'mph' to an even 4.0 finishing 3.3 miles in just 48 minutes and 26 seconds.....TLE finished shortly behind me at 3.9 mph.....she even jogged a few times.  You might wonder why the total mileage seems to vary on each of these hikes and the reason is we rarely ever park at the same spot....sometimes we must park further away from the trailhead, sometimes we are able to park close like just depends on where we must park.....we always start our GPS programs as we exit the car.

We were back home before 1330 where I continued my workout with my usual pushups, planking, stretching, etc. after which I settled in to reading.  Around 1700 I started up the Sea-B-Que and grilled up some pollo asado for taco salad.  Around 1830 it began, unexpectedly, to rain which was accompanied by lightning and thunder.......we did not see any lightning, but there was a lot of thunder!  As I said it was totally unexpected, and it went on for the better part of an hour.

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