Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Inspector Gadget.......

We got some unexpected rain Sunday night/Monday morning, but I didn't hear it.....nevertheless, everything was quite wet when I opened the curtains.  Monday was 'home inspection day' in Riverside.....I was tasked by my daughter and son-in-law with taking care of a few last items on the checklist......spackle and paint the bathtub backsplash  in the downstairs bathroom, caulk around the upstairs toilet, and install a weather strip on a first floor exterior door.......

 Tub 'backsplash' spackled and painted

 The upstairs toilet is caulked

Weather strip installed

.....in all it took me about an hour to take care of all three tasks and the rest of the day was ours.  

In keeping with our commitment to be consistently exercise we took an 'out and back' walk to the Mt. Rubidoux bridge totaling 3.2 miles which we covered in 52 minutes and 11 seconds........

Out University and back on Mission Inn

Around 1400 hours we headed over to the local Goodwill to see if we could find anything we couldn't live without.  I haven't been there since we returned from the desert.  TLE didn't find anything she couldn't live without, but I came away with a t-shirt, a FOX long sleeved mountain bike shirt, and some almost new Sketcher water sandals......cost with senior discount....$16.40!

We were home in time to meet the buyer and his home inspector......it appears at this point that all went well, but we'll know for sure in a day, or so when Kate and Nick get the report.

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