Sunday, March 27, 2016

You say it's your birthday!

TLE and I took our semi-daily walk/hike around 1000 hours.....once again we headed for the Mt. Rubidoux trailhead......the beehive had been successfully removed by the city employees so we were able to make it to the top once again....

.....we covered 3.4 miles in just over 56 minutes......I haven't taken too many pictures of the flora along the path, but am including one today of one of the many patches of 'prickly pear' cactus, along with many eucalyptus trees.....

Other than our hike Saturday pretty much revolved around preparations for my son-in-law, Nick's 30th birthday celebration......the intent was that it was to be a 'SURPRISE!' birthday party, and when you have some 60 people in play that is always difficult to execute.  We headed over to the surprise birthday venue around 1415 to get ready for Nick's arrival around 1615......

 Hanging with beautiful women waiting for Nick's arrival....left to right: Cathy, TAR, moi and TBL

 TLE & Tim's fiance, Laila (TBL)


The band warming up to play 'You say it's your birthday' by the Beatles....left to right: Mike, Tony and Tim....Terry, the drummer is just behind bad.

Nick giving his best 'surprised' performance....I'm pretty sure he was mostly surprised.

....just before Nick's arrival we closed the garage door, then opened it up as he stepped from the car......

My son Chris with the birthday boy, Nick

I'm sure the party went on until 2100, or 2200 hours, but we were on our way home just before 2000 was a great party with a wonderful extended family, food and friends.

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