Monday, March 21, 2016

The long and the short of it......

After a couple of days off we headed out for a walk about 1100 hours going west on University to the Mt. Rubidoux Drive bridge and then back east on Mission Inn Avenue.  Of course, walking back on Mission Inn Avenue takes us directly by The Coffee Bean so we stopped....TLE got a cup of ice coffee and I regular coffee along with a salad......

.......unlike Saturday which began quite foggy, Sunday was clear and sunny once again, and it was a perfect day to be sitting outside enjoying the ambiance of downtown Riverside.....

Not currently moving at 3.7 mph.....:-)

In all we covered about 3.2 miles averaging about 3.7 mph while we were was just after 1245 when we arrived home.  We had planned at some point to head back over to the house in Ontario to finish a few things we had started and to see in person all the 'demo' work the boys had done, but first I needed to do some repairs on the shelving in the bin where I keep the various hoses utilized in our nomadic life....water hoses and sewer hoses with all the necessary accoutrement.  What I needed to address was that the plywood shelving was beginning to delaminate around the edges, so I got out all 9 of my clamps along my white glue and got to work.  Once everything was glued, clamped and laying out in the sun to dry we headed off to the house in Ontario.

It was certainly surreal to walk through what is left of the interior of our house, but over the next couple of weeks we will begin to see a real transformation as the remodeling swings into gear.  We both agree that over the past 5 years since we moved out that we have mentally detached ourselves from the sticks and bricks life we once lived, and the house really has nothing to do with the life we live now.  Soon it will begin a new life providing shelter for a new family making new memories.

We were home a little after 1500.....I watched parts of 3 NCAA March Madness games before we decided to switch the TV to Netflix to begin watching season 4 of 'Longmire'.  The really cool thing about Longmire being a Netflix property now is that the episodes are around 55 minutes long with NO commercials.....much more 'bang for the buck'.  We ended up watching 5 of the 10 Season 4 episodes going to bed just before 2300......what a great Sunday!

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