Thursday, March 24, 2016

Treading water.....

As we slowly meander toward our departure date, which happens to coincide with the close of escrow of our daughter's home, we feel a lot like we are in a holding pattern.  There are no projects that require my attention either involving the Newell, our daughter's home, our our house.  I have done everything I can do so it comes down to making sure to exercise everyday, and then reading.  When I went out to wash and detail the Beetle a couple of days ago I was actually excited to see that the right rear tire was flat (a nail)......ahhhhh, something to fix!!!  Having something to fix takes me to one of my happy places.  The local Napa auto parts store is just a block away, so I walked over with Charlise to buy a tire repair kit, and then spent the next hour doing just that....what's the hurry, right?

Seriously, while we have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy our sojourn here in SoCal spending oodles of time with our kids and grandkids, our nature as nomads is to be be changing our view on a regular basis, and we are not doing that.  Now within a week, at the close of escrow, we will be changing our view when we move up to the Fontana Elks Lodge for the remainder of our SoCal stay.

For exercise TLE, Charlise and I took a 3.2 mile walk out to the Mt. Rubidoux bridge and back, stopping for a refreshment at The Coffee Bean (for TLE an ice coffee, for Charlise a hot chocolate, and for moi....of course....a mocha frappuccino), then we walked across the Main Street Mall to browse at the Mission Galleria Antique store of which we are quite fond......

.....Charlise found a cool Easter Bonnet.........

We were back home before 1300 hours.....I finished my exercise by stretching, doing my pushups, 'planking', etc......then it was time to read, which I did.  In a few days I will begin to put everything away in anticipation of our move up to Fontana, and then it will just come down to my last two dental appointments this time around before we begin our trek to South Lake Tahoe for the summer!

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