Saturday, March 19, 2016

No more 'faux'.....

Back in October of 2012 while we were working at in Campbellsville, KY we bought a Euro style recliner with an ottoman.   It was faux leather, and only cost about $190.  I loved that recliner......yes, I am using the past tense of love.....after three and a half years of daily use, and many, many enjoyable naps it was wearing out.  I began to look for a replacement a few months ago when I first began to notice the signs of wear in the faux leather.  This time I wanted a real leather chair.  Finally about 3 weeks ago I pulled the trigger and ordered a more traditional recliner off eBay ($189 with free shipping)....... arrived about 2 weeks ago, and I loved it the same time I was noticing signs of wear and tear on my old recliner I noticed TLE's two year old Euro style recliner (also faux leather) was also showing signs of wear, so initially we replaced her recliner with the new real leather recliner to see if she liked that it turned out she preferred the Euro style, so about a week ago we ordered a new Euro style leather recliner with ottoman from eBay ($238 with free shipping) for arrived Friday and TLE loves it.......

......what I love about my more traditional recliner is that it has a smaller footprint than my old Euro style one with the ottoman, and I love the feel of the real leather!  Actually even TLE's new Euro style recliner sports a smaller footprint, so now the salon area of our coach feels just a little bit roomier now!

We both took a day  off from walking/riding Friday......I spent the morning watching March Madness games while TLE spent time putting new 'seam binding' on quilt which covers our bed, then repairing some shorts for me, and adding some velcro to a jacket of mine.

Around 1500 we drove over to our house to finish a few things I had started such as adjusting the travel on the garage door you will recall I had installed the replacement chain drive a week, or so ago.  While we were there Nick (my son-in-law) showed up with my son Tim (they work together) to begin clearing out the garage.....Tim has been storing his vintage VW Bug there for a few years, and that along with his other possessions which are still there need to be moved before Nick and Kate move into the house in a few weeks.  The next two weeks will see a lot of work being done on the family homestead.....Nick and Kate are going to have new wood floors installed in the entire house, repaint the entire interior, and remodel the kitchen (new counter tops, appliances, etc).

We were home by 1730 and relaxing for the watching more March Madness, and TLE reading.

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