Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The best time of life......

That this is 'the best time of life' has been my theme for a number of years, and Tuesday was just another example.  It is just sooooo cool to see your children become adults and begin to raise families.  Having raised our own family of five children we totally understand how time consuming and labor intensive that part of life is, and we are so impressed with the job our children are doing in raising their children.  As you know, we are chaperoning our granddaughter, Charlise this week.......she is affectionately called 'Charlie' by everyone, but I love to call her Charlise......and I think she likes it also.

Like most kids her age, Charlise has boundless amounts of energy, and she loves to take walks with TLE and I so when we suggested to her that we take a hike to the top of Mt. Rubidoux she was immediately excited.

We left to drive over to the trailhead about 1100 hours and for the next 2.5 hours Charlie was climbing rocks, running down trails to see historical markers, and climbing rock stairs wherever she found them.......

Charlie at the very top of Mt. Rubidoux beneath the famous cross

TLE and I walked about 3.5 miles, but I think Charlise covered over 4 miles.  TLE packed snacks for us which we ate as we sat in the shade at the top of the trail before beginning our descent.  Usually TLE and I are power walking up and down the trail always aiming for fastest MPH we can attain, so it was nice to just meander up and down the trail, as well as all over the summit, which we never do.

We were back home before 1400.....I sat down to read a book, and TLE went inside the house with Charlise to watch a couple of children's movies she wanted to see.....and that was essentially our Tuesday.

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