Sunday, March 20, 2016

Demolition Men.....

Now that it is certain escrow will be closing on Kate and Nick's home demolition has begun in earnest on the old family homestead.  My son Tim, my son-in-law Nick and good family friend Chris were at the house promptly at 0600 Saturday morning to demo the old wood flooring and carpeting, as well as gut part of the downstairs bathroom, and the master bathroom up stairs (sinks/toilets only) the time TLE and I arrived mid morning this is what we doing the demo themselves they are saving a few thousand dollars.....once the demo is completed the contractors will arrive to put in the new flooring, bathroom fixtures, etc...........

  Downstairs bathroom....flooring, toilet, mirror and sink removed

 Master bedroom....carpet removed, sinks and toilet removed

Flooring in family room/kitchen removed along with breakfast bar (see below for "before")

Kitchen flooring and breakfast bar (right of picture) "before", circa 2004

Downstairs hallway to garage flooring removed

 Downstairs hallway "before" circa 2004

Living room flooring removed

Living room circa 2004 just after we remodeled was truly amazing to see all that the boys had accomplished in such a short period of time.....within a couple of weeks our former 'home' for 25 of the 30 years we have owned her will be a brand new 'home' for Nick, Kate, Elijah, Charlise, and the new baby girl due in June.  They will have new furniture, new wood flooring downstairs and upstairs with two new bathrooms as well as new appliances.  Then they will begin to make memories just as we began to back in April of the end of the day the interior of the house was bare of flooring up and downstairs!

As one might imagine it was a little painful for TLE and I to stand there while the interior of our former home was being ripped, literally, apart.  Even though we intellectually understand what is happening and why, we are also witnessing the physical evidence of 25 years of our lives being erased to create a new slate for our daughter and her family.  The 25 years of memories, however, will remain forever etched in our hearts.  At any rate we decided to leave the boys to their own devices and headed back to Riverside for the rest of the day where we helped Kate begin to pack up her possessions at her home of 4 years.  While we were there Sharon and Rod brought Brayden James over for a visit......

......he is such an angel.....what else can I say?

Within a couple of weeks we will no longer be property owners in the State of California.....we will no longer have the anchor of our house and will be free to change our residency to another state if we wish.....a lot to think about!

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