Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I may have mentioned in yesterday's blog entry that during the early morning hours Tuesday it rained.....not hard, but hard enough to get things wet and drop the temperature about 20 degrees overnight.  That somewhat influenced our decision to take a day off from walking.  The front heater in the salon area hummed along steadily all morning as we sat reading and waiting for it to warm up.  I know, we sound like typical Southern Californians, right?  Up north in the Reno/Sparks, NV area just over 500 miles from here they got over a foot of snow and it was down in the mid 20's.......cousin Lois posted the following picture on her Facebook wall yesterday morning.......

The view out cousin Lois' front window

.....meanwhile our temperature was in the high 50's at the same time with sun peaking out from behind the clouds.....and we were huddled inside our coach with the heater going full blast.

I needed a haircut in the worst kind of way.....it had been about 6-7 weeks since my last haircut, so I convinced TLE we should go out, drop off my suit at the dry cleaners, get my haircut and then go 'junking' for a couple of hours.....so we did.  TLE found a t-shirt in one thrift shop, and I found a nice Cabela's jacket at the Goodwill for $8.99 (including senior discount).....knowing we will be at 6,300 feet elevation in just a few weeks and that it is always still quite cold in South Lake Tahoe when we arrive in May I'm always thinking about jackets this time of year......you can never have too many jackets......the last two May's we have gotten quite a bit of snow in SLT.

On the other side of the coin, all the snow and rainfall in northern California this winter has brought Lake Shasta, the largest of the California reservoirs, to almost full capacity......see the before and after pictures below.....

.....we are definitely not out of the drought, but things are definitely looking up in California water wise!

We were home by 1600 hours reading and relaxing once again..........thanks for stopping by!

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