Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Slow news day..........

We had rain pretty much all day long Monday with a few hours of respite........and it was COLD!  It barely broke 50 degrees.  TLE and I spent the morning and early afternoon inside reading and enjoying the rain.  We also watched the Peyton Manning retirement speech on ESPN.  It was, just as I suspected it would be, a classy, well prepared speech filled with visible emotion and humor.  We are both glad he opted to retire.....it was time.....it was the perfect timing.  How many professional athletes get to retire on a high note like winning the Super Bowl, or World Series,  NBA championship, etc.?  We will both miss seeing him play every Sunday.

Around 1400 hours I drove over to our house in Ontario to install some replacement parts on one of the garage door openers which I had bought on eBay (new chain and new safety sensors).  Like many projects of this nature, it always takes longer than one would think.  I really needed 3 hands, or an extra person to help with the installation of the chain.  At any rate I was ultimately successful in getting both the new drive chain and safety sensors installed, however, I do still have to fine tune the door opener again......it doesn't want to stay closed.  By the time I was done it was after 1800 hours, but it had stopped raining.

Amazingly the freeway traffic on the way home was not nearly as bad as I expected, and I was home by 1830......I know this is an amazingly brief post, but that was the sum total of the day.

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