Sunday, December 10, 2023

A new one, and a broken one.....

7:29 am - Sunday - December 10th - GNHS - 41° F, humidity 49%, wind 10 (?) mph out of the north....crystal clear, blue, sunny, WINDLESS skies today with a forecast high of 66° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were on our way home from optometrist appointments.....had to stop to take a picture of this rare SoCal sunset.....↴ rare I mean it is often difficult to see enough of the horizon in an urban area like SoCal to get the full effect of any sunset....we were just at the right place at the right time where nothing but palm trees were blocking the view.

We began Saturday with three rental bookings....our first multi rental day in the last 12 days.  By the end of the morning we had another walkup giving us four rentals for the day....1 full day, two 2 hour, and one 4 hour.  Around 11 am we got a call from Bob (one of our COA bosses) to advise that the RZR replacing the totaled one (remember, we our first rental of the season, back in early October, was rolled badly resulting in it being a total loss) would be delivered within the hour.  Within 15 minutes Al arrived in a large semi truck with the new RZR....

.....this is what the new RZRs look like upon will take Hunter and I about 4+ hours to put it together, which involves unpacking everything, installing the roll cage first, then the roof, seats, tracker, and sound system.  There must have been a lot of trial and error developing that packing system.

Around 11:30 am I decided to take my lunch break, and had barely sat down to eat it when Hunter came knocking on the door to advise one of our two hour rental customers had rolled their four seat RZR....doh!  We just barely get a replacement RZR when another is in an accident within 30 minutes of the delivery of the new one.  Well, my lunch was over pretty quickly.  I headed back to the office to help TLE with logistics support while Hunter and Kyle headed out in the just repaired RZR #7 (roll over a few weeks ago) to go find them.  Their  (the customer) tracker was not working properly, so we weren't sure where they were, and neither were they....not an ideal situation.  At any rate, the four customers were not able to roll the RZR back on to its wheels by themselves, so they weren't going anywhere soon.

As time went on Hunter and Kyle had not been able to find them for about an hour, when we got a call from our Durango office (we had tried calling the customer several times to get more details on their location) saying they had heard from the customer that some people had stopped to help them put the RZR back on its wheels, and it was still drivable, so they were heading home.  As it turns out the accident happened near the old miners cabin, so we called Hunter and Kyle to meet them at the old railroad trestle.  From that point on we were able to track Hunter and Kyle as their tracker was working, and within 45 minutes they had all returned....

The broken right rear quarter panel and fender removed it turns out the damage is ALL cosmetic.  There is no damage to the frame, suspension, or steering gear, so it is just a matter ordering the parts, and installing them.  Everything from the right front fender to the rear tail light will have to be replaced, including the roof, and part of the roll cage....this will be an expensive non-mechanical repair.....probably between $3,000 and $8,000 including labor.  The customer is only responsible for the first $3,000.  Just when we thought we would have all of our units back on line in a few days we now have another on the disabled list for the next couple of weeks.

By the time our full day rental was returned at 4:30 pm it had been a long day.  Thankfully, three of the four rentals returned without incident.  TLE and I closed the office, and headed home....the wind was still blowing, and the sun had already set, so that was the end of another GNHS day.  As I write the Santa Anas have abated, and it looks to be a glorious, windless GNHS day!

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