Thursday, October 11, 2012

2 Days After

Our work day Wednesday started at 5:30pm.  Wednesday is the day we would receive our "Process Training" essence, we were trained to "Pick" the Amazon way.  They use handheld scanners which is the linchpin of their inventory control system, much like it is for a grocery store, or any retail store nowadays.   The training took about 2.5 are taught how to locate "pick" items, and how to process them, as well as what to do when an item is not where it is supposed to be (missing), can't be scanned, or is damaged.  Then we were taken to a practice area where we had to locate and "pick" 28 fake items, which included dealing with missing items, and damaged items.  Fortunately, missing and damaged items are rare, but you are taught to be thorough in trying to locate the missing item, and to be observant as to damage.

We then took our 15 minute break, and then began the real work.  We were taken to the area where we would do real "picking" for the remaining 2.5 hours of our shift....normally, once we start our 4 ten hour days, we would take a  break 2.50 hours into our shift,  lunch at 4.25 hours into our shift, and would have had one more break 2.5 hours after our lunch, but on this night we were only working the first of our "half" shifts, so we worked right through to 10:30pm.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the time went....before I knew it my scanner beeped, telling me to take my lunch (which we weren't taking this night as it was only a half shift), so I knew I only had 15 minutes left.  Normally our lunch would run from 10:15pm to 10:45pm. My goal, according to the scanner screen, was to pick 170 items .....I got to 166 when my shift ended.  No too bad for my first night.  I spent 99% of my time on level four of the "pick mod" picking books, CD's, and DVD's that had been ordered by customers.  Level four is the 4th floor of that "pick mod".  TLE and I are both glad we have jobs that require is to pretty much be in motion the entire time.  I think it's easier on my feet and legs than just standing in one place for 5, or 10 hours.

The walk home took about 5 was a little warm working four floors up, so the cool 45 degree air helped cool both of us down as we walked home.  By the time I wound down it was after midnight.  The temperature got under 30 degrees last night, so I am glad I took time to "wrap" my water hose.....nothing froze last night!  

Thursday we will start our shift right back at "picking",  but this time for the entire half shift.

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