Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keep moving....ignore the guy watching football!

Saturday was a complete veg day for at least one of us.  We both slept in until 9am (one of us slightly later.....) and didn't get around to eating breakfast until it was called brunch.  By the time we finished TLE's nicely prepared fried eggs, sourdough toast and maple sausage it was time for the first NCAA football game.  I pretty much sat in the new recliner with my feet on the ottoman watching college football the rest of the day.  I did get up occasionally....once I remember walking over to the office to get our mail, and another time I helped fold the clothes that TLE had washed, and maybe a few times to visit the little boys room, but other than that I pretty much sat in the chair all day watching football, and catching cat naps.

One good thing about the mail delivery yesterday was that we got our absentee ballots for the upcoming Presidential election, plus a myriad of State and local propositions in California.  We both sat down and went through the voter's guide, made our choices choices and then transferred them to the mail in ballot.  I am grateful TLE shares my political philosophy and votes the way I do.  It would be difficult to know that we were just cancelling each other out each election.

TLE spent part of the morning before mail call defrosting the freezer, and what a job that was.  The last time it was done was way back in Spokane in June when we were at my sister's home for 5 weeks.  The freezer space had shrunk considerably, and I have noticed when it gets iced over the fridge does not cool as efficiently.  I think it took her the better part of an hour to defrost it.

The weather we had Friday continued into Saturday.  I think the high was 55 for the day, and it was blustery and cold.  Nice to be sitting inside with the heater going on a day like that.  TLE reheated some of the stew we had last week and it had aged nicely.  Again, hot stew was the perfect choice for a cold, blustery day.

Sunday we will head over to Campbellsville University for their Sunday Brunch again and spend time with our Camper Force friends, and then head over to the Greeen River Cinemas for an afternoon movie.....maybe "Taken 2".  Then, of course, there will be NFL Football in the afternoon and evening.  Sounds like another relaxing day is in store.  On Monday we are thinking of driving into Louisville for the day.  TLE says there is a Trader Joes there, and a Whole Foods, etc., so it sounds like a fun day will be had by all.

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