Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sleeping it off....

Friday was the complete antithesis of Thursday.  Thursday was very the low 80's, and Friday was in the low 50's, very overcast with the promise of rain in the air.  I managed to sleep in til 11:30am....a new record for me.  I did much better Thursday night.  I drank more water, laid off the Dr. Pepper, and fared much, much better.  Although my feet were barking at me the last hour.  I do much better when I'm moving around continuously, but when I stand in one area for a long time they start hurting.  Every once in a while the computer has you standing in one area for a long time picking many things in a small geographical area.

We mostly just took at easy Friday afternoon taking fact I laid down around 3pm and slept until after 4:10pm, and I'm glad I did.

Just before 5 it started raining.  We had planned to drive the car over to Amazon because the forecast was for 60% chance of rain by 4am, our quitting time.  We hit the decks running at 5:30, and the 10 hour shift went pretty fast.  I think I picked close to 1,000 items last night, and that was after a rough start.  My first pick area was in the "M mod" and I think the first 12 things I was directed to pick by the computer were not in their assigned place.  I think prior to Friday night I had recorded less than 10 things missing, and here I was with 12 already in one night.  I called the "Pick" desk and they told me to logout and then log back in....fortunately it sent me to "P mod", and the night went better.  Overall we both did much better physically and mentally last night.  It feels like we are adjusting to the hours, and physical demand of standing/walking on concrete for 10 hours four days a week. On top of that I've lost about 5 pounds this week from all the walking.

We exited the building a little after 4am, and it was raining glad we took the car last's about an 1/8th of a mile walk each way, and that is plenty of time to get soaking wet.  Since we didn't have to work Saturday we watched a couple of our recorded shows......"Person of Interest" and "NCIS Los Angeles"....we went to bed around 5:45am, and slept until after 1pm Saturday.......

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