Sunday, October 14, 2012


Buying that new Euro style recliner was brilliant.  It has now become my favorite nap spot.  I think I took no less than 5 naps Saturday while watching NCAA football in between.  It is sooo comfortable.  

We really did't do anything on our first day off after 4 days of work except deploy the EZ-UP cover over the T-Bird.  Other than that very brief project, and some more tax work I did to finalize my 2011 taxes, I watched football all day, and into the late evning, and TLE read, and read, and read.....of course she has a lot of books, and she has been adding to her stash since we arrived here in Campbellsville.  Is there a 12 step program for Nora Roberts addicts?  That woman is a prolific writer.  She apparently turns out novels faster than I can do my daily!

We got a new neighbor on our driver's side, and several other previously empty sites here at Heartland have begun to fill up with new members of the Amazon Camper Force.  Over the next few weeks the park will reach capacity.

Most of Saturday was partly cloudy, and coolish, but it began to warm up toward the evening, and we left most of the windows open when we went to sleep.  The weather reports says it will rain on Sunday, so we'll see.

Not much to report for Saturday.  We'll head over to Campbellsville University tomorrow for Brunch.  Apparently they have a great buffet, and it only costs $7 per person.  I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow!

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