Friday, October 5, 2012

How dry are we?

When we last visited Campbellsville last April on our way north to Michigan to visit my sister we were only here essentially 1 whole day with two nights on either side.  We did a little driving around that one day looking at the various RV park options, also touring the Amazon facility, and I think we went to the local Lowe's and Kroger Supermarket, and a couple of restaurants.  Well, yesterday, we went to the Krogers to see if they sold alcohol.....mainly beer and wine, but they didn't.  I then did a search on my Google maps application and was directed to a store that didn't exist.  There were stores 16 miles away in Lebanon, KY so we headed there.  Campbellsville is located in Taylor County, and Lebanon is located in Marion County.  As soon as we entered Marion County on our way to Lebanon we came upon 2 liquor stores right in the middle of farmland.......hmmmm, that's this point it suddenly dawned upon us that Taylor Country is "DRY!", Marion County is, obviously, not.  What confused us initially was you can buy alcohol in restaurants, because we did the last time we were here.  However, restaurants cannot sell alcohol on Sundays due to local Blue Laws, which we also found out the last time we were here when we ordered beer with our Mexican food on a Sunday.  Well, fortunately, it is only a 6 mile drive to the county line.  So, unless we drive into Nashville, which we plan to do on one of our 3 day "weekends", or up to Louisville, or Knoxville, there will be no brew pubs to sample for a while.  Fortunately the two liquor stores at the county line do have a decent selection of craft beer, wine, and liquor.

Campbellsville is home to Campbellsville University, a Baptist school,  offering Bachelor programs to around 3,600 students.  Campbellsville is also home to a Lowe's Home Improvement store, a Super Walmart, at least two Kroger Supermarkets, every fast food chain known to mankind, 3 Mexican restaurants (one of which serves passable Mexican Food).  It is also home to Autozone, and O'Reilly's Auto, NAPA, Advance Auto Parts, and CarQuest Auto Parts, so we have got do-it-yourself auto repair covered here.  

There is also one of the nicest Goodwill Stores we have been in....right up there with the one in Spokane we visited back in June.  After making the town rounds we stopped in to see what they had.  I found a very nice $3.00 pull over, and guess what?  TLE came away with NO books on this day!

I spent part of the morning, Thursday, setting up the trailer to now be my garage for the next 2 months.  All the bikes are assembled and ready for riding, and all my tools are deployed for easy access.  I took the last gallon of Rotella-T 40wt oil and poured it into the oil reservoir.  I bought 3 gallons while in Spokane, and immediately poured two of them in to my three quarters empty reservoir.......there was only room for 2 more quarts at that time, so I just waited for it to do down enough to put the rest in.  I think I've only used 3 quarts of oil since Spokane, over 3,600 miles ago.

Afte we got home we put out the patio awning, the Malibu lights, and the awning lights.  We are just about set up.  TLE made some great burritos for dinner, and then we took a walk around the park in our shorts, flip flops and shirtsleeves......I wondering how many more balmy nights we will have before it gets much, much colder?

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