Saturday, October 6, 2012

Before the deluge......

Friday dawned  clear again with temperature forecasts coming in at 79.  Friday was the day I planned to begin washing the coach and trailer.....again.  I had just washed it very thoroughly in Muskogee, OK, but, of course, the day we left, it rained all the way to Lincoln, AR completing removing all traces of my hard work.  By the time we arrived in Campbellsville both coach and trailer were filthy again, and there is no way I could live with that for 9 weeks.

I managed to get the drivers side of the coach, the rear of the coach, all four wheels, and the entire trailer washed before I ran out of gas.  I used to hire two guys who did this in a couple of hours for $50......where are Carmello and Tom when I need them?  I'll finish the passenger side of the coach and the front Saturday in between college football games....:D

While I was cleaning the coach TLE did the wash, and then went into town to do some shopping and check out more of the town...she found an IGA store (Independent Grocers Association), as well as a cool flea market that runs 6 days a week, and is quite large....we'll have to go over there Saturday to meander around if we have time.

I took a short nap in one of the loungers and just enjoyed the warm breezes....did a little reading, and just watched the clouds pass overhead....nice to have one of those kind of days.  Next week all of our time will not be our own anymore.  The labor is really not the hard part, it's giving up our freedom and being subject to someone else's time table.  The mental adjustment will take a few days.

The forecast for last night was 85% chance of rain beginning sometime after 10pm.  I went to bed around 11:30pm, and no rain yet, but around 1:30am the wind came up, and of course the patio awning was (still is) out.  I laid there for a while listening to the awning rattling in the wind for about 10 minutes.  I didn't want to take it down, but I also did not want to have the wind damage it.  Since the wind was coming from the front of the coach and blowing across the awning from side to side it was not a dangerous situation, and I do have 4 awning "de-flappers", which attach to the awning fabric on each side and fasten it to the awning rails to keep the fabric from flapping up and down in the wind.  This wind was COLD!!  Anyway, I got out the "de-flappers" and the step stool and installed them, and voila they stopped flapping!!

Shortly after I went back to bed the rain came in torrents for several hours.....nothing like rain on aluminum.....very calming, and puts me right to sleep.

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