Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Day

Our second 10 hour work night was a little more difficult than the first......I really had a power fade the last 5 hours.  I think my body is still adjusting to being up all night, but I get ahead of myself again!  

I woke up around 9:30am after our first all night work to bed around 4:30am.  Just couldn't sleep anymore.   Around Noon I called Bob Swope Ford to find out about the T-Bird status.  After doing all the testing on the electrical system, including the charge system, plus taking it for another test drive and having it quit on the mechanic, just like it did for me, pointed the finger back where I thought it would end up....the alternator.  So, a replacement has been ordered, and we should get the car back Thursday.  The cost, including parts, labor and the rental car should be around $600.

So, since we did not have to return to Elizabethtown Wednesday I went outside and napped in the recliner for a couple of hours, and then did my workout sans the stair stepper part, then took a shower, and another nap.  Around 3:30 we had dinner, and I took another nap......sounds like a theme is developing!

Other than waiting to hear about the status of the car we didn't do much except rest.  We headed over to Amazon like we were headed for the executioner.  I'm not going to sugar coat it at all.....staying up all night is difficult, especially for a couple of old folks!  The first half of the shift went very smoothly, and I was at 91% for the first 5 hours, but after "lunch" my concentration dropped off significantly, and I finished at 71%.....a little disappointing.  The last half hour was brutal....I felt like I was having a bad dream.  At this point I am writing it off to my body adjusting to the new schedule, and my brain not co-operating in the least.  Our fellow Camper Force folk and having the same difficulty (the ones who have the grave yard shift like us).  Our neighbors who are in their second year said it was to be expected, but that it does get better.  

We got home around 4:15am, but I was not ready for bed, and neither was TLE. We finally hit the sack around 5am, and I slept to around 10:30am.  We'll see how Thursday goes.

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  1. Hang in there guys! The first couple weeks of the 10-hr shifts are brutal. I remember many a morning of coming home and being utterly exhausted. One day I had to skip work because I couldn't bear to my feet back in shoes.

    Just wait until you get to 5 11-hr shift days coming post-Thanksgiving :) You'll be wishing for the slow days again. :)


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