Sunday, October 21, 2012

Brunch 2 and Taken 2

In Bizzaro World (Superman reference alert) Sunday would be called Saturday......Saturday was cloudy, COOOLD, and windy whereas Sunday was sunny, warm, and windless.  On Saturday the heaters were on all day long, but on Sunday they were off by 10am.  Our "written in Jello" plan for Sunday was Brunch at Campbellsville U. at 11:30am, then off to Green River Cinemas to watch "Taken 2", followed by a brief shopping excursion to Walmart, and ending with a couple of NFL games.  Amazingly that is exactly how the day went.  

We, again, slept into 9am....of course it would help if we didn't stay up to 1am every night; although I'm thinking we are subconsciously preparing for our 10 our shifts to 4am each morning.  Staying up to 1am seems easy now, so what's three more hours between friends.....hmmm?

We left Heartland around 11:15 for the University dinning hall, and met our new Camperforce Friends Jim and Jackie, and Bob and Doris.  This time the guys sat together, and, of course, the conversation was mostly about Jim and Bob's flying days in the Airforce.  Jim flew refueling tankers (C130's?) during the Vietnam War, and afterwards.  Listening to Bob talk about some of his youthful exploits flying Tomcats made me feel like I was listening to the audio from "Top Gun", and Jim had several interesting stories about refueling assignments that almost went sideways.  One of the more interesting stories was when a fighter over Haiphong Harbor had been hit and was losing fuel fast.  Jim's crew "hooked" up with the pilot's jet providing a flow of fuel all the way back to the aircraft carrier so he could land the crippled jet without crashing.

We headed directly from Brunch over to Green River Cinemas to see Taken 2.  This sequel to "Taken" starring Liam Neeson was around 105 minutes long, and like the last few action movies we have seen grabbed you by the throat and didn't let go until the credits began scrolling up the screen.  I don't know if I could have taken much more intensity.  We both liked it.

We exited the theater by 3:30 and rolled across the street to Walmart to pickup some artificial logs for a fire, some more Rain-X (it seems I left my other bottle in Spokane), and a few other items, then home to continue in our relaxation mode.  

Just after the end of the 4pm game between the Patriots and Jets (Patriots won in overtime) we lit the fire and settled in for a couple of hours of mellowing out even more.  While we wer enjoying the evening and the fire Fred and Gladdy walked by and struck up a conversation about their workcamping adventures for about an hour.  They just started their training week this past Tuesday.  We got a couple of great ideas from them about future work opportunities, one being the beet harvest in Montana the first part of October each year.  In 2.5 weeks they made over $7,000.  Gladdy directed traffic and Fred operated a large machine that processed the beets that were brought in by large trucks.

Around 11 we watched "The Amazing Race".....yep we are still on West Coast feed so primetime starts at 11pm for us, but that's cool, because we stay up late anyway.

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