Friday, October 12, 2012

Day Three......

Based on the amount of information I have been attempting to absorb it feels like day!  

We were greeted with a mostly clear sky and bright sun, but it was very, very got under 30 degrees Wednesday night.  The heaters worked overtime most of the morning keeping our tootsies warm.

I spent most of the morning working finalizing our 2011 Federal and State taxes to meet our filing extension deadlines of 10/15/2013 for each....this coming Monday.  Had to make a couple of calls to obtain still missing 1099's.  Around 1pm I took an hour nap, then headed out to dump the black's only been 9 days, but Thursday it will be raining, so might as well do it when the sun is out.  Then out to the trailer for my second consecutive daily workout.  I spend the first 15 minutes of my workout first stretching, and then doing repetitions of:

1) 10 pushups 
2) 10 deep knee bends
3) 10 "ab rolls" using the Ab Roller I picked up in Twin Falls for $1.99
4) 15 arm curls with two 5 lb. dumbells
5) 10 arm lifts (arms extended to each side with palms down holding the 5 lb. dumbells)

For the time being I go through the preceding sequence 3 times.  Hopefully in a week, or so I can increase the numbers.  Then I get on the mini-stair stepper I bought in Twin Falls, ID for $1.99,  and do that for 30 minutes.  So, in all, the workout takes about 45 minutes.  Eventually I'll add in 10 minutes of jogging around the park.  Now that we are stationary it will be easier to develop a routine, and, hopefully, stick to it more faithfully.

A few weeks ago the battery on my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop gave up the ghost, so I ordered a replacement on Ebay for $24 shipped, and it arrived yesterday.  Now I can unplug my laptop and the battery power will last more than 5 minutes!

Around 4pm we had a small dinner....nothing much worse than starting a shift with a too full stomach.  Our team leader, Paul, spent the first hour of our shift going over our process training again, and even though I complain mildly about all the information, and the repetition, it is good.  Even after that I spent 5 minutes trying to scan a "bin" bar code before I had scanned the "tote" bar code.  A "bin" is where the item we are picking is located, and a "tote" is where we place the item we have picked.  You must scan the "tote" first.  There is a sequence you must follow, and if you do anything out of order your scanner sounds an alarm that I am sure can be heard in the next county......sounds almost like a siren on an EMT vehicle....:D  Finally, I figured out what I was doing wrong, and the night went pretty smoothly.  I mentioned yesterday that Amazon expects you to get to at least 85% of your daily goal...after just a few hours now I'm at 79% after the first half of Thursday's shift.  TLE, on the other hand was at 99%.....I had to pry out of her what her percentage was, because she didn't want me to feel bad.  I don't know why I should feel bad.....she's been operating this kind of scanner for years in a retail grocery store environment.  The nice thing so far is that the time does seem to fly by, and I am getting more comfortable with my environment, and finding my way around the 1 million square foot building.  In a week, or two I'll have to post about some of the unusual things we pick.

This is exactly what our scanner look like except the screen is black and white, not color.

For me it was a little warmer than the night before.  I basically wear a t-shirt and shorts with New Balance (NB) running shoes, and I still get too's probably because I started working out and have increased my metabolism.  Some of our co-workers who are here for the 2nd, or 3rd year say we will experience some weight loss......oh, I hope so!

We arrived back "home" around 10:40pm, and unwound for an hour, so so watching a pre-recorded episode of this season's Survivor.

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  1. I love your workout routine! Very inspiring!

  2. The key is consistency.....we'll see about that


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