Monday, October 8, 2012


It must be Fall, because the temperatures, they are a fallin'.....not down to freezing yet, but around 39 degrees F Saturday night.  Wouldn't be surprised to hear Jack Frost knocking on our door any morning now.  Heartland RV Park is filling up fast with workampers hired by  This Monday, October 8th, is another CamperForce orientation meeting for the current crop of trainees, including yours truly.  Every week now Amazon will train another batch of temporary workers for the holiday season that is upon us as they ramp up for the full court press of Christmas presents being ordered and shipped over the next 10 weeks. But that is Monday, and today is Sunday, which means many NFL games to watch.

TLE has a few mending/sewing projects to catch up on so I brought in her sewing machine from the trailer, and while she was busy with that I took care of a couple of small projects, and watched part of the early NFL games before we drove into town to look for a more permanent chair to replace the temporary fold up chair I've been using for the past 8 months.  We're looking for a Euro style recliner with foot rest....sort of like the picture below, only not $!
We did locate one, surprisingly, at the local "Big Lots" store in Campbellsville for $186.  We'll do a little more looking, but it is time for a change.  We also went back into the Peddler's Mall to look specifically for something like this, but did not come across anything that would work.  Before heading back home we stopped in at the local Rally's hamburger joint and had very late lunch around 3pm.

We returned home and I settled in to watch NFL football for the rest of the afternoon, interspersed with a couple of naps.   The evening game between the Saints and the Chargers was an interesting game with Drew Brees breaking a 50 year old record for touchdowns thrown in consecutive games held by Johnny Unitas.  

Not much else to report.  Thanks for stopping by!

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